Friday, 29 November 2013

#33DC Day 30 - 1 Pattern, Many Colours

Hi Goddesses

This is one of the few patterns I actually love from this challenge.  As you know, I feel I have underwhelmed myself with the 30 manis so far, but this stamp and these polishes - yes!  Oh, apart from Beth having moved my lamp and me not realising til too late! Oh, and all thoughts of clean up apparently ignored.  Sheesh.

This is another awesome MoYou stamp, this time from Artist Collection 03.  I love that it looks like - a fingerprint, a loose timewarp, a blob, a blob within a blob, a wobbly bubble, tree rings.  Yup, like this stamp A LOT.

I did a colourful skittle as my background and stamped with w7 black to prove you don't have to have a Konad to get good results.  Plus, I'm finding the Konad really hard to clean off lately, especially if I have a piece of broken skin.

Thumb - OPI First Date At Golden Gate
Index - Too Fancy Lacquer -Fallen Too Deep
Middle - Mentality - Brute
Ring - OPI Flashbulb Fuchsia
Pinkie - Mentality - Charm

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