Saturday, 9 November 2013

Crumpet Reviews - Born Pretty Store Bao Wang Dotting Tools

Hi Goddesses

Today I have some super gorgeous dotting tools that I was sent for review by Born Pretty.  If I'm honest, I don't *neeeeeed* any more dotting tools, but these were so pretty, I couldn't resist.

There are 5 dotting tools in the set, each double ended, so that overall you have 10 sizes of dots.  One of the tools is angled at both ends - some of you might find this one easier to use.

And they're pink!!  And shiny !!  They are also cool - literally.  Cos they're made of metal, they have a different heft to most other dotting tools, and are cool to the touch.

For today, I put together this very simple mani to show you what the tools can do.  Let's take a quick tour -

This was done with the largest dotting tool.  To get your dots large, just make sure you have a really generous puddle of polish.

This was done with one of the angled tools - it's a medium to large sized dot.  I do like using the angled tools, I think the angle makes me feel I have more control over where the dot lands.

And these dots were done using one of the smallest sizes.

And then my favourite tool of all.  This set contains the skinniest dotting tool I own, and it's become a favourite for my recent nail art.  This is like writing with a pen - you can see how fine the nib is - and the only thing you have to fight is a little uneveness where the polish is fresh on your tool.

I'm really impressed with the control and precision you can get from this one - I've used it in these manis too.

The tools come in a lovely tube for handy storage, which is another reason they appealed to me - it's such a neat way to keep them on the nail desk.  When mine arrived, they had obviously crashed around in the tube a little, and a couple of the nibs had fallen off.  Don't worry though, a little bit of superglue and they were perfect again.

So all in all, I loves.  Now I just need to wait for Born Pretty to bring out some dotting tools that do different shapes - squares, stars, triangles.

If you want to purchase these dotting tools, click HERE and don't forget to use the Crumpet 10% discount code - LPL91.

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