Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Crumpet Reviews - Too Fancy Lacquer CHOCOLATE GOLD

Hi Goddesses

A couple of weeks ago, I was sent the new Christmas Collection by Too Fancy Lacquer for review.  Charlene was very excited as these holos were deliberately opaque, 1 coaters, and she set me a challenge to see if they would stamp (challenge .... accepted :) lol).

What's weird though, is that these polishes are so beautiful, I didn't want to lump them together in a Collection post, so you're going to see them mostly one by one, although some of them will share the spotlight.   You'll see what they look like stamped over, and also how beautifully they stamp over other polishes.

Ok, brace yourself for a shock, especially you, Momma, in Florida.  This, this is a brown polish, and I FLIPPING LOVE IT!!  That is an official Crumpet First.  Crumpet has NEVER loved a brown polish before, but wow, this is some holy holoballs of fire.

This baby is called Chocolate Gold, which is a perfect name.  She's sultry, walnut-tanned and golden, all in one.  She's also an earth holo - I see all the colours of the earth in there, from soil to moss to sun.

You know I hate brown, but the colour shift in this is just mesmeric.  I am fascinated by how beautiful this is, and how many shades of nature, all at once.  Utterly beautiful.

And if anything, possibly more beautiful with the stamping.  This houndstooth pattern is from MoYou Pro Collection 07, and is stamped in a Konad swampy dark olive which matches sublimely.

I can't get enough of the contrast of these 2 polishes.  It's like the gold in the holo FIGHTS to get out through the windows of the pattern.

Utterly spectacular.   There are 6 polishes in all in the Collection, and they are available to buy HERE.   Follow Charlene's FB page HERE for details of this weekend's restock.  

And to end, here's a picture of the whole family xx

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