Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Digit-al Dozen DOES Black and White Day 2 - Skittle

Hi Goddesses

The love of the last DD theme hasn't left me, and I am still hungry for excuses to knock out a skittles mani.

Today's mani again uses 2 "cheap" polishes by w7.  I think I wanted to prove that you don't have to spend a lot on your polishes to get them to do interesting things. 

The thumb features a "pond mani" which has suddenly become really popular.  My friend Jacki at Adventures in Acetone has done a few of them recently, and they have a gorgeous fragility that I really love.  Unfortunately they require a lot of patience, as you're painting your art between thin layers of a jelly polish.   This mani is for laydeez more patient than The Crumpet lol.

We then have a standard stripe pattern (mint humbugs?) and a dotty pattern, which I really like.  It used 3 sizes of dotting tool to fill the space really neatly.

The ring finger is a starburst.  I put a blob of white in the centre, and then used a thin art brush to whoosh it out to the sides of my nail.  I had to go round at least twice to thin it out to the shape I wanted.

And finally the little finger aka the finger of running out of ideas lol.  This is no more than a random doodle.

Don't forget to check out the other talented ladies!

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