Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Digit-al Dozen DOES Black and White Day 3 - Weird But I Like It!

Hi Goddesses

Today's pattern is one I wouldn't have thought of in a million years, but whilst browsing for inspiration, I came across this cushion.

Wall Decal stylish black-and-white seamless pattern - round •

I was immediately drawn to the delicate lines and the dots and the interconnectedness of the pattern, and so, here we are :)

The hardest part of this mani is that my Barry M Nail Pens did not appreciate being used over Poshe Top Coat.  They really were not having it.  I've got a good 2-3 coats of the pens here, and it's annoying, because I particularly like how fine the line is in the original pattern.

I used my w7 black and white again.  I didn't want to use the pens on top of the polish as they can sometimes cut a groove through your polish.  Maybe I'll have to experiment with matte coat next time, and see if that helps :)

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