Monday, 11 November 2013

Digit-al Dozen DOES Black and White - Michelle's Flowers

Hi Goddesses

It's Digit-al Dozen Week again!  Today we welcome the insanely talented Lindsey of Wondrously Polished and Meghan of Will Paint Nails For Food to the DD.  I'm especially excited as both were featured heavily in Blogger of the Month posts earlier this year.

This month's theme is Black and White and was chosen by Missy.   Gggggrrrr black and white.  Where's all the colour??  Initally I hated this theme, but actually, in the end, I like every mani I've done, partly because it's put the focus on the art and the pattern, and not the colours.

So today's post is inspired by the lovely Michelle at work.   It's a sad sign of how utterly one track my mind is that for the last few months, every time Michelle wears this top (almost always on a Monday), I've been thinking - that would make a cute mani.  And once black and white week was announced, it was a deal.

There is no science or great mystery to this post.  2 very cheap w7 polishes and 1 dotting tool - medium sized.

For all the nails, I did the ring of 5 dots first, and then placed the centre dot at the end.  Super simple.  And isn't it always the case that the simple ones look the best?  I'm seriously happy with this one, and Michelle and I looked great together all day :)

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