Saturday, 21 December 2013

2013 Crumpet Readers Poll - Best New Thing

Hi Goddesses

Ooooooh this one's a toughie!!   This is one of those categories that has a couple of CLEAR winners, and then a million little mentions of awesome things.  

I thought I'd start with the latter, so here are some of the things you've loved this year -

Barry M nail art pens
2 blogs - Will Paint Nails For Food and Accio Lacquer
circle glitter
dry marbling
Digit-al Dozen
Feathered polish
Gel polish being mainstream
Glow in the Dark polish
Lilypad Lacquer
Nail art being regarded as mainstream
Nailasaurus's Nimbus nail art
pond manis

And to the person who voted for my YouTube channel - mwah and lol xxx

So, who and what are the things that really tickled your fancy this year?

Thermal Polishes

I must admit, I am late getting into this trend, but there is something VERY magical about having a living gradient on your nails.  Big win.

Holos and Multichromes and Holo Multichromes

I Hit My Bunny Phone CU

thanks to Lisa of Cosmetic Sanctuary for the use of her photos

Lack Of Pies CU
Lol it was a little hard to separate these answers, especially as a lot of the answers mentioned both!  Can't argue with either of these, and multichromes are my top tip for what's going to EXPLODE in 2014.

MoYou Plates - 5% of the vote

Oooooh you chose wisely my friends.  No arguments from me here - MoYou have taken stamping plates to a whole new level.  Given that stamping is also quite niche, 2nd place is an extraordinary achievement.

Textured Polishes

Your clear number 1 with over 23% of the vote.  To be fair they've been EVERYWHERE this year.  Every brand, it seems, has gotten in on the action, but I'm personally not sure how much further this trend will go.  For me, a lot of brands took it as an excuse to re-release existing colours, but with a new texture, and I really didn't like the polishes where brands tried to take it further (Barry M Sequins).

So what will be the hot new thing for 2014?  Well, probably something we've not even heard of yet!  I do think multichromes will get bigger - especially if someone launches a neon range.   Oooooh imagine that ............. sorry, drifted off there!

I'm also liking that we're getting some plain polishes with more texture to them, but not liquid sand type of texture - they have embedded flakes - The Lady Varnishes is a good example of someone doing this right now.

Either way, whatever they release, I confidently predict we'll be buying it :)

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