Sunday, 22 December 2013

2013 Crumpet Readers Poll - Mainstream Brand of the Year

Hi Goddesses

So here's the first biiiiiiiiiiiiiig category in our Readers Poll - what's your Mainstream Brand of the Year?

Before we tuck in, let's remind ourselves of last year's results - 
3.  Zoya
2.  OPI
1.  China Glaze

Ok, and this year's results arrrrrrrrrrrre ....

In third place, last year's winner, China Glaze.  As I said in my Disappointments post, I think China Glaze have been virtually invisible this year.  Not that they haven't released stuff, but they just haven't been in the same league as some other brands.  Here's hoping they have a better 2014.

In 2nd place this year is Zoya, moving up a place from last year.   Zoya have won big with textures this year, but beyond that, it's hard to think what else they've released.   Whilst all their textures have been awesome, there hasn't been a single "normal" polish that I've wanted to buy, and maybe that was why they finished second to ....

OPI.   Yup, OPI came back with a bang this year.   Like Zoya, they released a crapton of textures, but unlike Zoya, they released a LOOOOOOOT of other stuff too, even if 99% of it was red.

It really feels like OPI have found their creative chops again, and whilst I don't actually like any of the polishes in their next collection, signing Gwen Stefani is about as cool as it gets.

Personally, I like the world when OPI is on top, and it seems you do too.  You can check out my post on the Rebirth of OPI here.

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