Sunday, 22 December 2013

2013 Crumpet Readers Poll - Mainstream Polish of the Year

Hi Goddesses

Today we have your favourite mainstream polishes of the year.  This is always one of the harder categories to get a winner from - everyone has a favourite, and it's only a very few polishes who get more than a couple of votes.

Before we start, let's see what the final 3 was last year -
3.  China Glaze - Riveting
2.  GOSH - Holographic Hero
1.  Zoya Aurora

Ok, let's see what got you drooling this year :)

In joint 3rd place, we have -

OPI Muir Muir On The Wall

thanks to Nory of Fierce MakeUp and Nails for the use of her photos.

I feel it's sacrilege that I haven't worn mine yet, cos I really do know, deep in my soul, that I'm going to love it.  Deep, dark and transfixing - OPI doing what it does best.

Zoya Dream

This polish hasn't even been on my radar, but it was your favourite Zoya this year.

thanks to Missy from Gnarly Gnails for the use of this photo.

In second place, but only by 1 vote more than our 3rd place polishes, OPI Jinx.  You all went gaga for this dazzlingly bright orange texture.    I didn't get this one, and I'm still hesitating - I bought a KIKO that was very similar which just did NOT match my skin tone.  There's no denying though - I haven't seen a single bad swatch of this.

And your winner - by a mile - with almost 4 times as many votes as 2nd place .... OPI Alcatraz ... Rocks.

This stunning texture was one of the standouts of the San Francisco collection, and you loved its purpley smokey tones.

It's interesting to note that OPI produced 5 of your 8 favourite mainstream polishes this year - who would have bet on that 12 months ago??

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