Saturday, 28 December 2013

2013 Crumpet Readers Poll - Nail Art Blog of the Year

Hi Goddesses

Today we look at one of my favourite categories, Nail Art Blog of the Year.

It's weird, because nail art is my "thing", it never occurred to me that for so many of you it's unnecessary.  This is why I love Readers Polls.  For some of you, it's ALL about the polish, but for those of us who like to play with our polishes, this is where it's at.

So, who were our winners last year?

3.  Polish Art Addiction
2.  The Nailasaurus
1.  Chalkboard Nails

Again, thank you to everyone who voted for me, but I have left myself out of the final results xx

In 3rd place then - my bestie - Gnarly Gnails.  I am so glad you feel the love for Missy's blog!  For me, she is the most original nail artist out there - I wish I had half her inspiration.

In 2nd .... oooh and this is a shocker, Chalkboard Nails.  Last year Sarah dominated every single poll, but this year, she is No 2.

I think this is for 2 reasons.  To me, she seems to have had a quieter year.  It feels like she has blogged less, even though a quick look at her blog shows she has only slowed down by 15% or so in her posting.  The second reason, I think, is because the winner has had such an AWESOME year.

In 1st place - The Nailasaurus.  Sammy has had an incredible year.  She was always brilliant, but this year she seems to have established a league of her own, a league of immaculate nails, great skittles, endless variety AND cool new techniques and tutorials.  I suspect it's her ability to draw you in with a good tutorial that you're loving.

For a long time, The Nailasaurus wasn't essential reading for me, but now it is.  Even on the days when she's not "teaching", I feel I learn something from her use of colour, her insistence on using "normal" polishes (and RE-USING her stash), and the effortless way she combines patterns into the most exquisite skittles.  

If these are the only 3 nail art blogs you ever read, you will learn loads, and feel inspired.  Great choices xx

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