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2013 Crumpet Readers Poll - Your Polish Highlights

Hi Goddesses

Today I turn the blog over to you.  I asked what your polish highlight was, and typically, there was no - or very little - consensus.  I started editing the answers, and realised I was killing a little bit of magic, so here, in your own words, are what you loved most this year.

Thank you to everyone who contributed!

All Liquid Sand polishes.. I love this effect
All the duo/multichromes this year!
all the holos!
All the new stamping plates!
Aly's Dream polish finally making a comeback and leaving her store open longer than a week.
As simple as it sounds, nailing a perfect freehand french.  Classic, elegant, hard to get right without guides LOL
Barry M gellies!
Barry M mattes. 
Barry M, everything other than the sequins have been amazing.
Because of Butter London's great tools, I now have my own set.
Becoming a nail polish addict!!
Blue textured polish.
Brown holos
bundle monster create your own 2013 plates
butter LONDON
buying gap bright pool the rbl aqua lily dupe
chevron  nails!
China Glaze Sunsational
china Glaze textures
circle glitters in jelly polish as an accent nail
Cirque Cornotation blew me away! It's not completely  unique but love it! Also ILNP Cygnus Loop is amazing
Color Club Holo
Colors by Llarowe
Completing the 31 day nail art challenge in september was amazing. It made me challenge myself and try new techniques. I am really proud of some of the art i came up with.
dance legend holos
Darling Diva Polish We Will Rock You <3
Digital dozen goes wild. Lol
Discovering and getting involved in the nail community
Discovering indie nail polish, actually. I'm new to the concept, but loving it!
Discovering Llarowe! I'm very new to the nail scene, finding all those indie polishes was amazing!
Discovering round nails
Drugstore textured polishes. I really couldn't pay AU$20 for an OPI.
Elevation Polish Arabian Sea!
Emily de Molly
Enchanted Polish - Kids
Enchanted Polish Sour Patch Kids - got it!
Essie Collections!
Essie, they really stepped up their game this year!
Falling in love with Indie polishes!
finally purchasing and trying Polished by KPT thermals. spectacular!
For me it has been deciding to attend nail tech school 
Fraulein 3o8
freehand nail art
galaxy nail art
Getting hold of a bottle of OPI Spotted
Getting into stamping.  I always though it was so time consuming.  Turns out, it isn't as bad as I thought it was.
Getting my hands on Twinkle Twinkle Little Star! and Raindrops!
getting on BLBride mag
Girly Bits Get Weaponized!
Glitter Food by Nail Pattern Boldness
Glow in the dark polish
Golden Rose
Gradient nails
Growing nails after 39 years of chewing them!
having an accent nail
Highlight - Getting my momager (office manager) properly into nail stamping!
Holographic (spectraflair) top coats
Holographic everything!
I <3 np ultrachromes. zoya pixie dusts
I am loving the textured polish.. But haven't ventured too deeply into it. Same with holo polish... Just too expensive. 
I am really loving pahlish's colors
I did nails on my aunt's entire wedding party, and they were all phenomenal! I'm so proud of that :)
I finally got a holographic polish!!!!
I got my hands on Enchanted Polish Djinn in a Bottle!
I love love love HOLOs
i love nail art using textured polishes!
I love textured nail polishes, especially JulieG Gumdrops. I can't get enough of them.
I really like the Nailasaurus's waterfall manis!
I think it's just now, when ILNP has released holographic duochromes! *Swoon*
I watch tutorials on water marbeling and braiding; then do trial and erooro,error,error to duplicate.Still wantinf more to see.
i won one of the big prizes in Rite Aids nail extravaganza 
Illamasqua Facet, I received it as an anniversary present while my husband usually tells me I have plenty of polish when I show him a new discovery :)
ILNP has caught my eye this year, I am not a huge fan of duochromes (I don't like ANY chrome, so there you go) but theirs are killing it!
ILNP's genius creations... other indie makers tend to follow Barbara's lead.  She's amazing!
I'm loving the different texture nail arts that I'm seeing this year.  Not sure if their new or new to me..but it's definitly an awesome thing!
I'm obssessed with stamping over gradients this year...
indie!! I'm new to it
I've been loving all the texture polishes!
I've loved all of my sparkly texture polishes, like Zoya's PixieDust.
I've loved all the galaxies this year
Jelly or color base polishes with matte glitter
Jelly polishes going mainstream
KB Shimmer - Blogger Collaboration
KBShimmer - I've Got A Crush On You
KBShimmer's "Oh Splat!", it makes me happy haha
Kiko Sugar Mat
love classic french manis
Lucky 13 Lacquer's fandom polishes
mainstream brands with more indie-style glitters
Mainstream polishes using larger glitter and texture
Marta's (Chit Chat Nails) Skittlette (How to dress your nails)
mastering gradients - I'm obsessed with them now!
Matte glitters
models own velvet goth
More nail art on Ig!
MoYou London plates!
Moyou Londons new stamping plates collections... all of them. 
Multichrome holos
My custom Lynnderella!
My favorite highlight was being accepted to review for KB Shimmer.
My personal polish highlight was going through my stash and getting rid of about 50 bottles of polish that literally were just taking up space.
nail art with textured polishes
Nail foils.. So shiny
New stamping brands
No restock madness with lilypad lacquers!
nude + black nails, in lots of styles
ombre nails
Once again, I'd have to say the various new glitter shapes are my fave thing!
One stroke
OPI Autumn releases 
OPI Miss Universe
opi nyc collection
opi san fransisco collection-  i loved it
OPI's I Snow You Love Me
Perfecting (sorta) the water marble technique
Picture polish revolution glitter base
Picture Polish scattered holos, ideally collaboration shades. Hoops 
Polish Addict has been my new discovery this year! Laura the owner is amazing with her customers and of course the polishes are great!!
Polish Addict Nail Color Mystery boxes.
Pop Nail Art
roses! love them
Sand effect
Scoring some original OPI DS
Serum No 5 glow in dark nail polish
Snagging THREE Enchanted Polishes from the Time to Pretend collection
Stamping! I've really been getting back into it, especially with all the new plates coming out :D
Starting my blog! Also loving textures
starting my blog, and joining the 33 day challenge
starting my own nail blog & completing my first challenge (Chalkboard Nails 31 DC) ---
Successful textured polishes - the ones that look shimmery, unique and flawless!
sugar skull nails
Tape manis
Textured glitter polishes - (not the first Barry M release, lol!) but all the recent ones this autumn from Barry M, 17, Maybelline & Rimmel
Textured polishes and more interesting glitters from mainstream brands
Textured polishes with sparkle 
Textured polishes! Especially Zoya and OPi
the anouncement of zoya's matte velvets coming back
The Barry M Summer Collection, fab fab fab!
The Digit-al Dozen Blog
The global domination of The Digit-al Dozen! They are amazing! ;)
the holiday collections have been outstanding this year
The Hungry Asian
The ilnp multichromes. Most amazing polishes ever. 
The Mickey Mouse glitters....I love them!!!
The rainbow gradient nail trend!
the term of "Skittlette"
The whole polish thing - I only started painting my nails this year and am now loving it =)
Too Fancy Lacquer 
vintage roses!
Vivid duo/multi chromes
Water marbeling
Waterfalls nail art. So easy and gorgeous!
Wearing Emily de Molly's High Distinction for my exams for good luck and sparkle hands!
winning four amazing polishes from picture polish
Winning your nail art competition with my water marble nail!
witch way . actually no matter wich one the halloween collections are always my thing
zoya charla! i don't think it came out this year but i only got it this year
zoya chita
Zoya Mattes being re-realeased
Zoya PixieDusts. Thought I would hate the texture, but I love it!

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