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2013 - Crumpet's Top 10 Blogs

Hi Goddesses

Oooooh, this one's a biggie!!   Haha.  Today I have MY favourite blogs.  I am sure they will be different to yours, but there may just be 1 or 2 in here that you're not already following.

I want to explain my approach first.  I have a massive blog roll in Blog Lovin, and I have it categorized.  Basically, today's post springs from "if I only have time to look at 3 / 5 / 10 blogs, which ones would they be?"

So you'll get my "Essential" 3 blogs, and also the others I look at.   To be honest, the hardest part of the list is the ones that are 8, 9 and 10 on the list.   There are soooo many great blogs out there.   

What makes a Favourite Blog?  Well for me, one of the key things is "can I do that".  There are 3 blogs in particular on this list (I have paired them together), who are must reads for me, because their work is so outstanding, but who I know I can never emulate in a million years.   So, although I think Coewless is one of the most talented bloggers out there, her blog is never going to be my favourite, because I can't look it at and think "I'll have a go at that".   Ready?

Ok, I am actually going to do this top-down, and start with my 3 most essential blogs.  If I don't have time to read many blogs, these are the 3 I ALWAYS look at first. 

1.  Gnarly Gnails

Yes, Missy is my bestie, but for me, her blog is absolutely essential reading.  She does great swatches, has great artistry in her photography and how she presents indies especially, but more than that, she has a level of creativity that I can only dream of.

2.  Chalkboard Nails

I then always head over to Sarah's blog to see what she's been up to :)    Sarah is great at mixing and matching colours, and for me, she's the queen of "why didn't I think of that!"   Everything she does is so perfect, but not unobtainable - there's always something in her art that I feel I can aspire to.

3.  Manicurity

Manicurity | DIY Libertine NYFW 'Gem Party' Nails

The 3rd blog I visit is Emma, from Manicurity, also one of my besties.   Emma's blog draws me in because it is soooo different to mine.   Emma excels at texture, and bases most of what she does on a love of colour.  Her photography is exceptional, and her eye for what polishes will work together (despite appearing to be total opposites) is exceptional.  She's also really ramped up her content this year, and I've been loving the variety of her posts.  Proud of you Em xx

Ok, the others will now follow in no particular order, but I hope you found it interesting to see my Top 1, 2 and 3.

This year I have fallen head over heels for Nory's blog at Fierce Makeup and Nails.  More than once her swatches have made me buy polishes (OPI, your investment in her really does pay off), but it's her bright and colourful nail art that has made me coo the most.  Definitely the most colour-happy blog on the planet.

The Nailasaurus has had a great year.   I can't quite put my finger on it, but somehow, this year, she's really put herself in another league.  She's now in the top league of nail artists - yet still approachable, and doing stuff others feel they can emulate - that's quite a skill.   And I am very jealous of all her tutorials!

Adventures In Acetone has had a massive resurgence this year, and I am so glad.  Everything Jacki does is perfection, and I love that so much of what she does draws inspiration from her children.  Her ability to draw simple animals is epic, and even when she does a tutorial I feel I can copy it.  Always colourful, always creative.

I've also really started loving Emily at The Lacquerologist.  Although I've followed her for a long time, it's only this year that I've really started to coo over some of her nail art.  I love that she keeps it sooooo simple (a girl after my own heart), and my favourites are always her more abstract pieces.

One Nail To Rule Them All may just be the cutest blog on the block.  I love Alice's nail shape, photography and tutorials.  Again, although everything she does is perfect, she makes me feel I could copy it.  There's not a time I read her blog when I don't smile.

And then my joint awesome bloggers who inspire me, despite the fact I don't feel I could ever emulate them -
Lindsey from Wondrously Polished
Meghan from Will Paint Nails for Food and
Lucy's Stash

Purple Galaxy Nails with TUTORIAL feat. Zoya Payton

Elegant One Stroke Floral Nail Art
Purple Harmony Nail Art and Initial Infinity Necklace
Of the 3, Lucy's blog is perhaps the most approachable.  Although she does scary-brilliant stuff, she does also provide tutorials for some of her simpler art.

Lindsey's is a blog I found at the start of the year when she entered my Blogger of the Month competition.  Everything she does is very intricate, and her skills with a small art brush know no bounds.  Usually, I look at her blog and shake my head.  She's far too cool for school.

Meghan also falls into the same category as Lindsey and produces some epic nail art that most of us are neeeeeeever going to be able to copy, but she also mixes it up more, with swatches, simpler art and also some great editorial pieces.  A really good, well-rounded, proper grown up blog :)

Now obviously, there are loads of other blogs I like .... some of whom are just starting out on their journey, so make sure you look out for The Ones To Watch in 2014 :)

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