Monday, 23 December 2013

2013 - My Favourite Stamping Manis - Part 1

Hi Goddesses

Welcome to the first of a 2 parter looking back at some of my favourite stamping manis I have done this year.   We really have been spoilt for plates this year, but a lot of what I have done is still sat in the vault at the moment.

Here are my favourite manis from the first half of the year - all of them are hyperlinked if you want to go and look at the post xx

Inspired By Nature

I still love the drama of this one.  This was really popular with you too.


Another fan favourite, and one of mine too, with the gorgeous HARE Golden Years on base.

Comic Books

This was from January's Digit-al Dozen week, and I loved the eye-popping colour of this one.


Sometimes it's the subtle ones that work best - can you tell where the polish ends and the stamping begins?

Love Hearts

Another Digit-al Dozen mani, I absolutely LOVED how this turned out.

Barry M Dragon Fruit stamping

Also for the Digit-al Dozen, this skittle just worked, and was one of the first times I was also really happy with my lighting.

Flame Art

I remember being really proud of this when I did it.  The Nails Inc Concrete polishes are textured enough to take other polishes on top of them, and after I'd done the gradient, it was just begging for a flame stamp.

Balls of Wool

This was for the first Tri Polish Challenge back in March.  I love this stamp so much.  It makes me smile every time I see someone use it.


This one is a bit gimmicky, but I still like it.  It was also the first time I had used the Essie polishes for stamping - I haven't looked back since.

Purple Leopard

You can't beat purple, or gradients, or leopard print, so when you mix them all together, it SHOULD look good, right?

I'll be back tomorrow with the final half!

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