Friday, 27 December 2013

2013 Review - Crumpet's Top 3 Swatchers

Hi Goddesses

Today it's my turn to pick my favourite swatchers, and amusingly, you and I, we pretty much like the same blogs!

I haven't put mine in any order, and my objective was, if I wanted to see swatches of any polishes, whose blog would I go to first.  Simple as that.

Accio Lacquer: The Lady Varnishes: Bleak December

Let's start with one you didn't mention - Accio Lacquer.   Mishka EXPLODED onto the scene at the beginning of the year, and since then has become THE indie nail blog for polishes based in geekdom, fandom, and other awesomeness.

Accio Lacquer: Digital Nails: Obliviate

Accio Lacquer: Digital Nails: Stupefy

Accio Lacquer: Digital Nails: Aguamenti

Her swatches are flawless, are nails are perfect, her photography is top notch, but what really draws me in are the gifs she uses to accompany the polishes.  It just adds so much personality - and smiles.  Well done hon, you've had an awesome year.

Like you, I also love Jen from The Polishaholic.  For me, if you need just 1 swatch blog, this is the one, as Jen shows the broadest range of polishes, imo.

I especially love her comparison posts, which are EPIC, and I love that she has a genuine love of polish.  As the number of bloggers grow, I feel like we're seeing more who swatch for less than pure reasons, so for me, Jen is the class act.

We also both love Sheila from Pointless Cafe.  I am in a polish group with Sheila, and I am honestly in awe of how much polish she manages to swatch.  I seriously don't know how she keeps up with all that gets sent to her, let alone finds time to buy and swatch other polishes lol.

Sheila has great photography and lighting, and does a great macro.  What I really applaud is her willingness to show you a polish in every type of lighting, with and without undies, compared to other polishes ... the time that must go into her posts is mind-boggling.

So, they are my Top 3, but I also want to give a shout out to another swatcher who I am in a FB group with - Lisa from Cosmetic Sanctuary.  Lisa may just be the hardest working blogger out there.  Again, the volume of polishes she gets through is extraordinary, and I REALLY don't know how she does it.

What's interesting for me, is that Lisa is less wordy than the other 3 bloggers I've mentioned, so I tend to follow her on FB rather than her blog.  She's great at keeping that page brimming with content and awesome photos.  Personally, I like a few more words and opinions, which is why Lisa's blog isn't the one I would refer back to, but I do rely on seeing her every day in my Facebook feed to keep me up-to-date on everything - and I do mean EVERYTHING; this girl's a machine - that has been released.

Who else do you love??  xx

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