Thursday, 19 December 2013

2013 Review - Crush of The Year

Hi Goddesses

Today's post is a slightly gooey one, for a lady who has become one of my closest friends, brought fine polish to these English shores AND allowed me to play fantasy-polish-stocker with her whenever the whim took me.

Today we treasure Sally from Sally Magpies, the UK's first decent e-tailer along the lines of Llarowe, Ninja Polish et al.  Although Sally has lately seen some competitors get in on her good thing, there is no denying how amazing she has been this year.  These are my highlights.

piCture pOlish

Sally is the official UK stockist of piCture pOlish, who have had an inventive year, and released interesting polishes REGULARLY.   

Lilypad Lacquer

If for no other reason than Lilypad, Sally will have my endless love lol.  She found Nicole's polish by accident, got me to swatch it ... and the rest of my addiction is history.  A great e-tailer always finds the next new "exciting" thing.


Which is where Mentality also come in.   I love Mentality to pieces and recommended Sally talk to Hillary.  They are affordable, fantastic quality, and come in every colour and finish you could ask for.  Great to see an indie with so many polishes, and so many that aren't glitters.


Sally's service is great.  She ships quickly and she looks after her customers.  She has done pre-orders to dampen down the hysteria of some launches; she has kept polishes to one side if she knows her customers have been looking for them ... just so many little touches that make her about the love of the polish rather than the love of the £.

Fantasy e-tailing

Sally allows me to pretend I have my own nail polish emporium.  I get to bombard her with messages saying "try this brand" and "oooh look what I just got" lol.  It has kept me sane on many an evening, and for our weird and wacky friendship, I say a deep and genuine thank you.

British Support

Sally has supported UK bloggers with samples, and also helped launch Quirk, a leading new UK indie.  Personally, I think it's great that she's done both.  Pay it forward :)

Pretty Serious

As well as a whole host of other awesome brands, I love this one.  Dazzling colours, epic finishes - this is a brand to watch next year.

Saving The Souls of British Polishaholics!

And finally, with the rise in international shipping costs, and not being able to do swapsies with international friends, Sally's shop couldn't have come at a better time.  It's by far the easiest way to score high quality international polishes, and having had a sneak peek of what she has in store for 2014, I recommend that if you're in the UK you follow her on Facebook so you don't miss out.

Sally - thanks for your friendship, but most importantly, thanks for stocking all the polish!! 

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