Sunday, 8 December 2013

2013 Review - The Disappointments

Hi Goddesses

In life, there are highlights, and there are lowlights.  Although I have a massive polish addcition, it doesn't mean I love EVERYTHING polish related, so here are some of the things that have pissed me off / bummed me out / turned me off this year.


Wow, I feel such a traitor for saying this, but ugh, I have fallen out of love with glitter.  I'm not quite sure why, but my guess is it's a combination of -
* wow I bought a lot of glitter in 2012
* glitter is a PITA to remove
* the PVA experience ruined my nails somewhat = back to foil removal = PITA
* too many indies - haven't I seen that glitter before?

Now, that's not to say I haven't bought glitters - duh - but I have been more selective.    Digital Nails, Femme Fatale, Emily de Molly, Cadillacquer - all of these brands have fought their way through my apathy with their gorgeous and occasionally zany brilliance, as has the gorgeousness of circle glitter.   However, I've spent a lot of this year craving nice, "clean" cremes and plain polishes - is this the polishaholic equivalent of preferring a good book to sex?

Shaped Glitter

Now, this is actually a separate subject to general glitter apathy.  I personally hate shaped glitter and this year the world has gone c-razy in trying to be "original" and "cool".  I like my glitter to be square, round or shards, and I'll accept your hexes too, but please spare me from stars, butterflies, snowflakes, hearts, flowers, fucking Mickey Mouse shapes, and don't get me started on hairy!  Gah.  Dislike.


Restocks.  Fucking restocks.   Getting paws on polishes has seemed HARD this year.  There have been MANY polishes I've wanted to buy - including glitters - which I haven't, because they were always out of stock.

Now, if you do this, I'm not knocking you, but I am not prepared to sit at my laptop like a starving child waiting for the restock clock to hit midnight.   It smacks of a game, and I can't be arsed with it.

Now, some brands have genuinely found themselves more popular and in demand than they expected (which is fine, I get why you end up out of stock), but there seem too many other parties addicted to - and happy WITH - they hype and the hysteria.  So no, Enchanted Polish, I am not going to buy you.  No, crazy Llarowe server-meltdown, I am not coming out to play.   No, no, no.


Ok, I am not going to go into too much detail here, because this *may* be the subject of another post, but postage has really bummed me out this year.

Ignoring the whole Royal Mail debacle, the price of postage has shot up like Miley Cyrus's hemline, and it's made polish addiction difficult.  There have been many times this year when I've gone to buy just 2 or 3 polishes, and realised that the postage cost just makes it unjustifiable.

Equally, people have hesitated to send things to me.  Many polish makers are only sending review packages to US bloggers, to keep their costs down.  I totally understand why, but it still makes me sad.


Oh Bondi.  Where do we start?   I was going to do quite a lengthy piece on Bondi, with an interview with Richard, but in the end decided against it.  More than anything, the Bondi saga makes me sad because I SO believed in the product.  Also, with my "I'd rather read a book" head, I was really excited to get a monthly subscription box that contained only cremes, glorious cremes.

I still want to believe that this was a sad case of demand spiralling out of control, but it's hard to ignore some of the other things I've read - go and check out Polish Jinx if you want all the details.

Someone PLEASE make an awesome subscription box !!

China Glaze

Now this fills my heart with sad, but where the hell have China Glaze been this year?  I honestly don't think I have bought a single bottle, and that's sad.  Here's hoping they rediscover their mojo soon.


Ugh, I hate Disqus!   For those of you who don't know, Disqus is a commenting system installed on a lot of blogs.  It's more interactive for the blogger, and therefore a good thing - IF you can log in to the bastard.

For months now, I've been unable to comment on Disqus blogs.  Everytime I log in, it won't recognise me, and everytime I try to create a new account, it says I already exist.  Fuck me!

Being stroppy at the best of times, I refuse to play the Disqus game, but what upsets me is that it's not Disqus that suffers, it's all my lovely blogger friends who don't get to know how much I love their work.

Disqus - sort yourself out!!

Ah, that feels soooooo much better!  What's annoyed you this year?

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