Sunday, 15 December 2013

2013 Review - How Was It For Barry and his M?

Hi Goddesses

I wanted to also devote a post to the toast of UK nail polish - Mr Barry and his M.   I've been lucky enough to blog about most of his polishes this year, and a little like Mr Kipling, he has had (more or less) an exceedingly good year.

One of the things that has impressed me the most is that each collection has had a different finish - we've had Gellies, the unexpected Matte polishes, textures, those hairy ones, the god-awful Sequins and a flakie.   They've also had time to release LE polishes with their biggest retailers, making them the most American-like of the UK brands.

I'm also a fan of their make-up and have been wearing their Lash Vegas mascara for post of the year.  I can also highly recommend their eyeliner pots - it made me but down my Barry M Big eyeliner, and I've been addicted to that for years!

So here, in no particular order, are my 8 fave Barry M polishes this year.


From the Spring Gelly range, there is something so clean and fresh about this green.  It's a slightly off-track colour, and all the nicer for it.


One of the most gorgeous polishes from the summer, Guava is THE perfect turquoise ... until I try to photograph it.   I've wanted to wear this loads, and that's the only thing that's put me off - I hate showing you a polish when I can't capture its true colour.

Passion Fruit

Another Summer Gelly, Passion Fruit is off-red and slightly neon, making it a slightly quirky but summer-perfect choice.

Blue Grape

To be fair, ALL the Summer Gellies were wonderful, but I have limited myself to only 3 choices.  This is the epic Blue Grape, which I described as "Baker Street with the headlights on".   Sensational.


This autumn glitter blew me away.  Gold, purple, textured - ugh, so much to love!  This is a really complex and beautiful polish, very distinctive and unusual, and all the more precious for that.


From the Matte Collection, I thought I would be wearing this deeply wounded red over and over.  I haven't, but I "think" that's because so many other gorgeous polishes arrived so shortly after.   I am sure I'll be using this lots in 2014.


You know I don't like brown, and I'm not saying I love this polish, but this is the nicest brown polish I have ever tried, which means it has the potential to be EPIC for a brown polish lover lol!    I love how this looks like hot chololate - dreamy.


As with Crush, I thought I would be using this loads, but haven't yet.  I do have big plans for this though in 2014.   I love how this looks like vinyl on the nail.

What was your Bazza highlight of 2013?  And what are you hoping for in 2014?

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