Thursday, 26 December 2013

2013 Review - Indie Brands I've Loved This Year

Hi Goddesses

I've loved some amazing polishes this year.  I've bought some great ones, worn some great ones and er stashed a lot of them in a cave on Mount Untried!

Here is my little ode to the brands I've loved and WILL be buying again in 2014.  Click each polish maker's name to go directly to their store.  One final note - I bought a lot that I didn't wear, so you won't find these in *this* post - these are just the tried, tested and loved ones :)

Obviously Literary Lacquers and Lilypad Lacquer, but we don't need to go into that again :)

Mentality Nail Polish

Great polishes - easy application.  If you're looking for mattes and non-glittery indies, look no further.

Above The Curve (ATC)

More fabulous holos than you can shake a stick at AND they work hard for charity.

Smitten Polish

Ah, Smitten - I have a real soft spot for this brand.  Lovely polishes in a range of finishes and GREAT colours - some of the pretties lovelies I've worn all year.


I fell for this brand hard this year - crafted with elegance, and happy on the cool side of the spectrum, these are gorgeous.

Different Dimension

Another of my quirky loves, DD has released all sorts this year.  The summer holos were my faves tho.

Darling Diva Polish

Ah, I have such the soft spot for Darling Diva - I can't think of anyone I've been buying from longer.  Possibly her best year yet.

Too Fancy Lacquer

It's no secret that holo is my favourite colour, and Too Fancy has had a fabulous holo year!

Tune in later in the week for the brands I'm excited for in 2014.

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