Sunday, 15 December 2013

2013 - The Year OPI Got Their Mojo Back

Hi Goddesses

For those of you who've read this blog since it started, you'll know that mainly I've been critical about everything OPI has released over the last 2 years.  I've found their collections to be boring, uninspired and just ... dull.  But 2013 was the year they turned all that around :)

Let me take you back in time 3 years.  My polishaholica had just been born, and OPI was my gateway drug.  I bought shitloads, and I mean SHITLOADS of polishes in those first 6 months, snapping up job lots on eBay, and falling in love with the various collections.

About this time they also released Pirates of the Caribbean - one of their best, full of delicious pastel creamy pearl colours - and then ... it stopped.  The colours got drab.  Some of them got yucky.  They went from must-have to "can live without that".  And that's just sad.

So I have LOVED this OPI year we've had - it's as if they've come back to life, resurrected by Liquid Sands and utterly inspired by San Francisco.   Sure, they've still released some collections I haven't cared for, but doesn't every brand?

So here are the 8 OPIs I've loved this year - and seriously, I can't believe I've loved 8 - bravo OPI, bravo!

Can't Let Go - Liquid Sand

Can't Find My Czechbook - turquoise perfection

My Vampire Is Buff - THE perfect base for nail art.  You need this.

The Impossible - Liquid Sand.  Red plus purple = kills Crumpet everytime.

Matte Top Coat.  My favourite one out there.

Baby Please Come Home - Liquid Sand, purpley, aaaah.

Peace, Love and OPI - wow, duochrome amazingness

In My Santa Suit - so hot it GLOWS - glorious

Finally, I'm certain that Muir Muir On The Wall would have made the list ... IF I had gotten round to wearing it ... too many great polishes, too many.

Check back in a couple of weeks to see how OPI did in the Readers Poll.  Which was your favourite OPI this year?  And do you think they've turned the corner?

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