Tuesday, 17 December 2013

A British Blogging Christmas - Emma from Cambridge Nails

Hi Goddesses

Today's nail art comes from Emma of Cambridge Nails.  I really adore that she has chosen a Christmas story to depict - this is fabulous x


Hi all,
When Debbie kindly offered to let some of the British Nail Bloggers guest post on her blog I jumped at the chance and decided to do some nail art inspired by the story of the Snow Queen, a Hans Christian Anderson fairytale that I really like.
Kay and Gerda are best friends, growing up together in a small village until one day a piece of a magic mirror flies into his eye. He is essentially kidnapped by the snow queen and told he will be freed if he reconstructs the mirror from the tiny assembled pieces. He almost completes the mirror but cannot finish it because of the missing piece lodged inside him (in some versions he must complete logic puzzles instead). Gerda goes through many adventures to find Kay, helped by a friendly reindeer and eventually finds him, she cries on him and the tears dissolve the piece of mirror, he is free.
There are a few different coloured polishes in this but the white textured base is Barry M Lady, the foil is Barry M Silver foil and the brown holo is F.U.N Pocahontas. My index finger is the reindeer which helps her, the middle finger is the Snow Queen's crown, my ring finger the nearly reconstructed mirror and my little finger the forests of Lapland (with some holo magic to represent snow). These are the smallest lines I've ever drawn so I'm very excited to share these with you.
Thank you so much for this opportunity Debbie. If you fancy checking out some more of my work please hop over to Cambridge Nails.

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