Friday, 20 December 2013

A British Blogging Christmas - Michaela from The Mani Cafe

Hi Goddesses

Today is the last day of A British Blogging Christmas, and I hope you've enjoyed the splendid range of nail art we've seen.  Bringing the curtain down is the lovely Michaela of The Mani Cafe, mum of one of the cutest kittens EVER!  And a damn fine nail artist :)


Hi there Crumpet readers! I'm Michaela from The Mani Café and I'm soooo excited to be posting over here today and taking part in Crumpet's British Blogging Christmas! So thank you for having me Debbie, I'm honoured!

I have a delicate Christmas nail art to show you today. When I think of Christmas, I think of cold weather and especially snow! I LOVE snow especially for Christmas day, it just makes everything feel so festive and perfect.

Freehand Snowflakes

So I decided to do some snowflake nail art. For this manicure, I started out with 2 coats of Serene by Superficially Colorful Lacquer (made by my friend from the blog Superficially Colorful and received as a gift). Serene is a thermal colour changing polish which shifts from lighter to darker blue. You can see that the tips of my nails are a lot darker than the rest, it's like a one-step gradient!

Freehand Snowflakes

For my snowflake design I freehanded snowflakes in white and turquoise acrylic paints using a fine detail brush and a couple of small dotting tools. I started out with simple 6 point 'stars' made of 3 lines and then added dots and dashes to turn them into snowflakes.

Freehand Snowflakes

As you can see, I kept the white ones mostly on the tips of my nails, where the polish is colder and therefore darker and the turquoise ones on the lighter parts. I finished the whole thing off with a few more dots around the snowflakes and a coat of topcoat.

Freehand Snowflakes

I hope you like this manicure and that it puts you in the festive mood like it did for me. Feel free to check out my other designs over at The Mani Café. Thank you again for having me, lovely Crumpet! Merry Christmas everyone!

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