Wednesday, 4 December 2013

A British Blogging Christmas - Rebecca from Lane's Lacquers

Hi Goddesses

Welcome to Day 2 of A British Blogging Christmas - today's guest is the lovely Rebecca from Lane's Lacquers.  I just love her retro-feel photography.


*Squeal* I am super, super excited to be guesting here at The Crumpet for a British Blogging Christmas! This is my first ever guest post and I just want to say thanks to Debbie for organising this little Christmas Collective! 

I chose to go with Christmas Jumpers for my festive inspired design, it was a favourite of mine last year when my design was hand-painted (and perhaps a little dodgy), so this year thought I'd try it with stamping. I ended up with two different designs because I couldn't choose between them, and added some sparkle for good measure! What is Christmas without a little sparkle after all?! 


I definitely feel festive looking at these! Chose all over sparkle for this red design...


This took two coats of base colour, one of glitter, topcoat, white stamping and a final topcoat.

Avon - Real Red, Nails Inc - Trafalgar Square, Natural Collection - Nail Tip White, Color Club - 3in1, MoYou Festive Collection 04.



With this blue one I chose to use sparkle on just three nails and I really like the contrast of the two!


I did this mani in exactly the same way as the red, only with blue! #statetheobvious

Avon - Inky Blue, Nails Inc - Sloane Gardens, Natural Collection - Nail Tip White, Color Club - 3in1, MoYou Festive Collection 04.

Getting those stamps to be as level as possible was no easy task I can tell you, never have I concentrated so much when stamping; tongue was poking out and everything lol! I MUST invest in a rectangular squishy stamper! 

I know which of these manicures I like best... which one do you prefer?

I hope you enjoyed seeing a little bit of Lane's Lacquers here on The Crumpet today...
... Have a Merry Christmas All!

MissLanage x

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