Sunday, 22 December 2013

Baby Crumpet-about me!

Hi Goddesses

I'm not Old, I'm Beth!!-No offence mum :-) 

I'm going to be helping mum with her blog a bit more next year so this is all about me. First of all, I enjoy literacy and would not mind being an author.
This is a draft of the first bit out of my story Enjoy!!


Fumbling around frantically in her satchel filled with various powerful looking jewels and clear glass bottles filled with pungent, coloured liquids, Latisha pulled out an almost invisible looking key. This key would look invisible if you were not focused on that point of space so then you would overlook it easily. However if you knew it was there you would be able to see that the air was not perfectly aligned. Shaking as she pulled out this key she muttered some words, making the door slam shut and lock itself.
Taking the key she inserted it into a magenta coloured rock, and then the gem split itself open revealing an acid green dust. Only pinching a few grains Latisha threw the dust to the door, almost immediately a blue fire sprang to life, decorating the walls in spots of blue.
Hearing shouts along the corridor that leads to her Flat, she made her way to the window. Latisha had always been different, but she never realized by how much, her wavy, flowing naturally red hair, and her piercing green eyes, contrasting with her Ruby lips and lightly – tanned skin, making her slim, athletic body look complete, that was why she should have been different not that she was the lost Queen of some weird place she’d never heard of. And the fact that she was a morphing, element controlling, Witch for peeks sake!!
Latisha opened the window,  for a moment took in a deep breath of the fresh late-night air, closed her eyes, and jumped from the 5th floor to the ground and ran in the direction of the North star.
Just in time too as when she reached the floor,  the door swung open revealing two red-faced, husky men, but before they had chance to go in the blue fire left by Latisha crawled at their leg,  ripped apart their jeans and started to engulf the men in flames. Fortunately for them a man came running down the hallway after hearing their cries of despair, a wise friend, and yelled
“Numerate arrow East east neada”

Just then a lightning like shape struck the fire and the blue flames flew back to its owner screeching all the way.

Hopefully this was a good story intro, did you like it?

 Here are some of my favourite funny pictures:

So let me guess have you cried in laughter at that squirrel it was A.W.E.S.O.M.E.
Did you like them? i did.

My favourite animal is a wolf then a lion, leopard and fourth is a Blue whale.

My hobbies include song writing, art, horse riding and gardening.

I have a question, if you watch x factor what is it with Nicole and Balls!!!!! Why!

Big and hairy who wants to know- i don't!!

If there are any questions about any thing i will try to answer or do what you want.

Next year I'm going to be giving mum's manis the thumbs up or thumbs down - heeee heeeee can't wait!- like when I told her the brown splatter looked a bit like diarrhea heeee heeee-sorry mum - love you!!!

xxXxx  xxXxx  xxXxx  xxXxx  xxXxx  xxXxx  xxXxx love Beth!!
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