Monday, 16 December 2013

Brand of the Year Part 1 - Literary Lacquers

Hi Goddesses

When I started thinking about my end of the year posts, I realised quite quickly that there were 3 brands who had dominated the year for me.  It didn't seem fair to just include them within the other posts, so here today is the first of my Brand of The Year posts.

Literary Lacquers has dominated my year.  I love Amy to pieces and her understanding of what makes a good polish is poetic.   If you haven't yet read my Crumpet Chats To piece with her, I really recommend you do - it's one of my favourites.

So, why do I love Literary Lacquers?
* well, she's made some of the best holos of the year (see below)
* she's not a glitterholic
* her polishes are very classic and re-wearable - even I have worn her polishes more than once!
* she makes a quality product at a great price
* there is no restock madness

Ok and here's the gooey bit - I really feel her polishes are made with love, rather than churned out as a cash cow.  If you're a fan, you'll know Amy draws her inspiration from books, so every polish is rooted in something that means a lot to her emotionally or culturally, and for me, that's a huge part of what gives this brand its unique feel.

So here, in no particular are my FAVOURITE Literary Lacquers of the Year.  I've been quite brutal and limited it to 8.  And one final word - I haven't yet swatched all of the Community Collection, so none of those polishes are in this list, although they probably deserve to be.

If It Pleases You

THIS was the moment I knew Literary Lacquers was the brand for me :)   Stunning purple holo, but built on a brown, rather than blue, base.   Just drop dead gorgeous.

Greatest Treasures

Technically, this came out in 2012, but I didn't get my paws on it and blog about it until January.  This is just a sensational colour.  So deeply pigmented and glorious and happy and juicy and  .... hhhhmmmm, I really should wear this again.

Bionic Mmmm Detector

This is soooo not a Crumpet-y polish, yet I lost my heart to it anyway.  Blackened teal base with the most amazing glitter mix.  This also looked a knockout with matte top coat.


I don't think this polish was very appreciated when it was released, but I loved it, from the shimmery incandescence of the blue to the shards of glitter.  Needs undies, but utterly glorious.


Although I've fallen out of love with glitter, I always have room to love a fire coloured glitter, and this just lit up like a bonfire on the nails.

More Like Fire Than Light

THE orange polish of the year (which couldn't be featured in the orange post because it was going to get loved in this one).  This is bright, instensely linear and a dead on dupe for the other equal best orange holo of all time, Enkelini Lainey Lou.

I'm Drinking Stars

For no other reason than how UNUSUAL it is - beigey golden holoey goodness - cold yet warm, silver yet gold - what are you???  lol

Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster

Wow, I really wish I had the words.  This polish blew me away.  Intensely pigmented, super duper holo, added sparkle - just an utter gem of a polish.  My favourite LL of the year.

Have you fallen in love with Literary Lacquer this year?  What was your favourite LL polish ?

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