Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Brand of the Year - Part 2 - Lilypad Lacquer

Hi Goddesses

And welcome to the 2nd of my 3 posts celebrating the brands of the year.

I have bought more Lilypad Lacquer this year than any other brand, and I would buy more in a heartbeat.  Why?  So many reasons, which I will get into in a moment.

I was first introduced to Lilypad in June this year, when Sally Magpies agreed to be their UK Distributor. I remember falling in love from the very first polish stroke and messaging Sally after 1 nail to tell her she had to stock the brand. 

The hardest part, was that I then couldn't show the world the polishes I had swatched until Sally's full order arrived, and man that was difficult.   It was like sitting on the world's best secret :)

Since then, I've been back to Nicole's shop many maaaaaaany times, and here's why I love her polishes -

* the pigmentation.  Nobody else has managed to get such intense colour pigmentation out of holos.  Even colours that were previously off limits have fallen to Nicole's holo magic
* formula - always a dream to apply
* gel like finish.  These polishes always look classy on the nail.  My standard way of wearing polish is 2 coats + Poshe, and every time I wear a Lilypad people ask me if I have had professional gel nails done - THAT'S how good they look
* ALL the colours !!  Nicole's shop is a rainbow!   Looking for a blue?  Well she has about 17 of them for you to choose from!
* hangs head and whispers .... she made me buy green.  Just one?  No, a few.   Yup, she's THAT good.
* I've seen what she's got planned for 2014 ... and my wallet is scared

So here, in no particular order, are the 9 Lilypads which have rocked my world this year :)

Bubble Yummo

This was the one that doomed me - the first polish I tried.  Will you get a look at that pink??  Crazy, crazy.  So intense.  I bought shitloads of bright pink holos this summer and this trounces every single one.

Pink Flamingo

No, it's not the same, it's similar!  Another stellar hot pink holo.  Drooooool.

Sweet As A Peach

I've developed a real love of corals and dark peaches this year, and this is a perfect example.

I Love Lilac

Ah, this was like wearing a ickle fluffy cloud on my nail.   I love that this is quite blue toned.  Lovely, calming and simple.

She's All That

A beautiful indigo denim / soft blurple, this didn't get nearly enough attention this year.  Really beautiful.

Ruby Slippers

An utterly SENSATIONAL red holo, and *probably* the best red holo I own.  Again, stellar pigmentation and just ..... slurp .... sorry, the drool got me again.

Popping Purple

This is an amazingly intense purple holo - almost cartoonish in its density.   I love that it is so unapologetically purple too, no hints of blue or brown.  Nope, just PURPLE!


It shows you're an awesome polish maker when this ISN'T the best thing you released this year.  Velveteen is wonderful, a warm purpley-burgundy grape of deliciousness.  Stunning.

Which means the winner is ..... True Blood.

This polish blew my socks off when I received it.  Dark, deviant, of cauldron-bred, this is just a satanic dream of a polish.   Similar to Velveteen, this is a few clicks darker, and those clicks make all the difference, giving the polish exquisite galactic and nocturnal qualities.  A wet dream.

Did you succumb to Lilypad's charms this year?  And if you did, which polish was YOUR favourite?

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