Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Brand of The Year - Part 3 - MoYou

Hi Goddesses

Today we have my 3rd Brand of the Year, the ever so amazing MoYou London, makers of the FINEST and sexiest stamping plates the world has possibly ever seen.

You’ve seen a little of my MoYou love in my Year of the Stamping Plate post, but they are so awesome, they deserve their own post.  They are also the brand I have placed the largest amount of orders with this year – oops!

Firstly, did you know there are 2 brands called MoYou, both of whom make stamping plates?  I know, it’s confusing!  The MoYou we’re all currently in love with is the newer MoYou, but I don’t really understand how 2 brands (especially brands who make the same product) can co-exist.

So, why do I love my MoYou?  They’ve taken my breath away for many reasons this year –

·         Their branding.  I love that they have a different “girl” for every theme, with great artwork

·         Their packaging – those exquisite sleeves

·         The themes.  Whoever decided to make various series of themed plates is a GENIUS.  I would have been happy with just 1 Princess plate, but 14???  Wow!

·         I love and hate that they release a new theme every week or so.  It’s so bad for my wallet, but from a commercial perspective, it’s absolute marketing genius, and keeps everyone hyper-aware of the brand

·         Quality.   Stamping is a temperamental mistress.  It’s not for nothing that I used to call my first plates Konad The Barbarian.   MoYou are the first plates I have ever bought where I have experienced zero pick up isses, zero etching issues – it’s all just perfect, which means zero frustration.  This makes them a great starter brand.

·         Creativity – the designs are awesome and unusual and quirky and fabulous, all at the same time.  The one-plate designs are especially brilliant.

Ok, time to fess up.  I own 43 MoYou plates !!  Which themes won my love?
Pro Collection - 10
Explorer Collection - 7
Mother Nature / Landscape Collection - 6
Artist Collection - 5
Fairytale - 4
Princess Collection - 4
Sailor Collection - 3
Festive Collection - 2
Biker Collection - 1
Back To The 70s - 1

And here they are - they make a tall pile !!!!

And bloody hard thought is was, I thought I’d finish with my Favourite 5 -

Back To The 70s plate 02

Time Traveller Plate Collection - Back to the 70's 02 < XL Images >

Sailor 06

Artist 03

Pro 01 - just the best selection of "basics" you could ask for.

Festive 03

And whilst this is not one of my *very* favourites, will you look how beautiful Festive 01 is -

LOVE my MoYou.  Scared and thrilled to see what 2014 brings.  If you've ever given up stamping in frustration, give it another try with MoYou.  xx

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