Sunday, 29 December 2013

Crumpet Reviews - Literary Lacquers - My Red Hair

Hi Goddesses

Today I have a VERY special polish on the blog - one that was co-created by me and the lovely Amy from Literary Lacquers.  I could have squealed (well actually, I'm pretty sure I DID) when Amy asked me to be part of her Community Collection, and I instantly knew Sylvia Plath would need to be my inspiration.

Here is my official "blurb" for the polish - 

I was 16 when I first read Sylvia Plath.  At an awkward and impressionable age, I was ready to be awestruck by the visceral power of her writing and the brutal language of her poems.  I quickly became obsessed with her, and the great literary tragedy of her marriage to Ted Hughes, and her life, her triumphs and her struggles, have influenced and empowered me like nothing else in my life.

My Red Hair is inspired by her most famous poem, Lady Lazarus, where the heroine, a born sufferer, tortured and abused to the point she has to commit suicide every 10 years to have a chance at a better life, vows that “Out of the ash / I rise with my red hair / And I eat men like air.”  It’s a chilling line: a whisper, a shriek, a manifesto, and a promise as a cold as dead lover’s kiss.

So what did Amy create for me?  Well I wanted a burnt orange to ruby red duochrome as I had never seen one, and whilst this isn't perhaps *exactly* what I envisioned, it comes very close.

The polish is shown at 3 coats on all fingers except the ring finger where it's layered twice over black.  You can see the shift of the duochrome across the span of the nails.

What amused me most is that when I tried to take some very (awkward) photos, it did exactly match MY red hair, which I hadn't planned on, and for that alone, I love it.

I also have one bottle to give away to a lucky Crumpet reader - sadly, it can be UK only due to postal restrictions.  To win, please leave a comment with how YOU would describe this polish, and my favourite will win.

As ever, this polish was sent to me for review, and you can buy it in Amy's shop, HERE.

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