Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Crumpet Reviews - OPI Mariah Carey Reds

Hi Goddesses

A few weeks ago, I was offered some OPI products for review, and with delicious irony, I really STRUGGLED to pick any I didn't already have lol.  In the end, I settled for a couple of the new Mariah Carey polishes - 3 reds and the glitter topper - and was a lot more impressed than I expected to be.

First up we have All I Want For Christmas Is OPI, a delicious, deep, classic red.  I'm not too impressed with my lighting in these shots, which is making the polish look a little thin - trust me, this was pure glossy gorgeousness on the nail.

As you'd expect, this isn't a brand new, never seen before red, but if you're looking to add a quality red creme to your stash, I would certainly recommend this one.

Next we have Underneath The Mistletoe.  This is a slightly darker red, laden with pink micro glitter.

I really liked this one - it had just the right amount of sparkle, nothing too obvious, but also a nicely intense base.  A great Christmas polish.

Now ... aaaaaah, THIS is my favourite.  This is In My Santa Suit, and I didn't expect to like it at all, but will you look at how this polish GLOWS?

We've seen these semi-metallic reds a lot in the last year, even from OPI in last year's Germany collection, but this is definitely the best.

This is off the scale in terms of beauty, and just utterly fabulous in every way.

And then finally, I Snow You Love Me.   Bless them, try as they might, OPI just can't get these glitter toppers right, can they?  In the bottle, this looks full of win, with round dot holographic glitter to make your nails look like disco balls.

Sadly, it doesn't totally translate to the nail - seriously, it looks more gorgeous in the bottle!   The glitter itself is sexy as hell, so I think I'm going to keep this one for glequin nail art, and *place* it, rather than just wear it as a polish.

All of these products were sent to me for an honest review and are available from Beyond Polish HERE.

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