Saturday, 7 December 2013

Crumpet Reviews - The Polish Bar Christmas Collection

Hi Goddesses

I have an EPIC treat for you today, 5 polishes from The Polish Bar's Christmas Collection - including 4 holos - which I was sent for review.

I've been honoured to review for Janice for about a year now, and I can absolutely say that this is her best collection EVER.  Every single polish in here is a winner.  I honestly can't praise them enough.

Let's start with Soiree, the red, so perfectly Christmassy.   This is a lovely bright red (with a tickle of pink in the holo) and is just gorgeous.

This colour is pure happiness on the nail, and is great for a bright Christmas, or just a day when you want to feel a bit brighter.

City of Lights.  Ok, hold on to your hats - this is a teal holo and I absolutely loved it.  Loved it so much I didn't want to take it off.

This polish really matched my mood.  It's been a bit dark inside my head recently and this matched my witchy thoughts perfectly.

The colour in this is superbly intense, and the bend gives it a fathomless light.  Glorious, just glorious.

I then layered it with the green Christmas glitter, Snowfall.  This is a really playful blend of glitters, and worked really well on the nail.

It might be a bit hard to see, but on 3 of the nails, I shaped the glitter like a Christmas tree, and then fished out one of the bigger glitters to sit on top as a star.  Whimsical, but I loved it.

Then we have Chocolat.   The name on this is a tad misleading to me.  It made me expect a warm, rich colour, whereas this is colder, more like coffee beans.

It seemed to my eye that there was slightly less linear bend going on in this one - maybe because the colour is so dark - but the pay off was that where it did bend, it do so with a lot of green, giving this a forest-y bark-like feel.   Not my usual colour, or one I would probably wear, but this is a great polish if you love browns.

And finally Dark Romance, the purple.  My friend Sheila, at Pointless Cafe, described this as having brown undertones, yet blue toned bend, and she's absolutely right.  This somehow manages to be both cold and warm at the same time.

I adored this colour.  It reminded me a lot of Glitter Gal and Ozotic, so it may be an easier alternative for some of you.  The berry tones in this are such a winner, and the bend was off the scale.

So, I hope you see what I mean now.  Every one of these babies is a winner, and they are all available NOW in The Polish Bar shop HERE.  And don't forget to follow on Facebook too.

These polishes were sent to me for an honest review.

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