Sunday, 15 December 2013

Crumpet's Polishes of the Year 2013 - Neutrals, Monos and Glitter Toppers

Hi Goddesses

Today I've got my favourite random polishes of the year for you.  These are basically all the ones that don't fit into any other colour category, and are either neutral colours OR polishes that can only be worn as toppers.  So, excluding my Big 4 brands, here are my Top 12 "Others" of the Year.

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Cirque - Debris

Just a brilliant, black glitter topper.  Exquisite.

Pretty and Polished - Wax Top Coat

Great addition to your mani options - for when you don't want it matte, but there's just a little too much glare!

Too Fancy Lacquer - Chocolate Gold

If you had told me I'd be singing the praises of a brown holo before the end of the year, I'd have said you were mad.  Tis true though, this is beautifully different.

Too Fancy Lacquer - Champagne Cocktail

I thought golds were boring, and then I wore this.  Yellow gold, rose gold, pink edges - wow, this is a work of art.

Dandy Nails - Bound To Fall

Exquisite medium grey with darker speckles, this is like luxurious marble on the nail.  Fabulous.

w7 - Bronze Debris

As you know, I am glitter-ed out, but I made time to adore this sensational bronzey and rose gold masterpiece from "cheap as chips" British brand w7.

Black Cat Lacquer - Vogue

Ah, I'm still mad for this glitter topper - happiness in a bottle.

Black Cat Lacquer - Frozen

I really do have a love affair with shard glitter - I love how edgy it is, and this white, teal and purple mix is great.

Darling Diva - Holiday

One of the highlights of the year for me was CIRCLE GLITTER and this had more CIRCLE GLITTER than a CIRCLE GLITTER loving gal with a CIRCLE GLITTER fetish could reasonably expect.  Love.

Enchanted Polish - Tenderheart

I think this is the only bottle of Enchanted I managed to buy all year, and even then it was *months* after it was released.  This fell straight into my pink-orange-juicy obsessed hands.  Love.

The Polish Bar - Girls Rule

A super fun girly CIRCLE GLITTER, perfect for summer.  Happiness. 

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