Monday, 9 December 2013

Crumpet's Polishes of the Year 2013 - Orange

Hi Goddesses

Today I've got my favourite orange polishes of the year for you.  Orange is a colour I've really come to LOVE this year - it's also a big depression-fighter for me.  Orange on my nails just makes me happy :)  So, excluding my Big 4 brands, here are my Top 4 Oranges of the Year.

(To go to the post, just click the polish name).

Jade Uau

This is about as holo-tastic as you can get without turning yourself inside out.  This is a mesmeric polish.  Deeply, intensely stunning.

Chirality - Just Before Dawn

This is at the opposite end of the holo scale to Uau but no less beautiful for that.  This is a rich, burnt orange scattered holo.  Utterly gorgeous.

Essence - Gorgeous Bling Bling

Another burnt orange masterpiece, this dark ginger syrup is shot through with gold to make for the most divine flakie experience.

LACC - 1964

LACC is a brand I want to get more of in 2014.  Again, this is from the burnt orange family, and it made its first appearance on the blog as Kipper, during Book Week :) Again, just gorgeous - smooth, rich and strong.

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