Friday, 6 December 2013

Crumpet's Polishes of the Year 2013 - Pink

Hi Goddesses

Today I've got my favourite pink polishes of the year for you.  Pink had a bit of a resurgence for me this year.  I destashed a lot of my grandma pinks, and replaced them sizzling hot ones :) So, excluding my Big 4 brands, here are my Top 6 Pinks of the Year.

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Darling Diva Polish - Material Girl

This is so girly, it hurts :)  The perfect girlie pink, girlied up with girlie glitter and named after the perfect pink dress and the definitive moment of Madonna gorgeousness.

Elevation Polish - Ave Secretan

THIS is the moment I fell in love with Elevation Polish.  Elevation is a brand that is languishing in Mount Untried, otherwise I am sure more polishes would have made the end of year list.  This is a cold, hard red-fuchsia for when you need a pink at the edge of the universe.   Gorgeous.

Happy Hands - Metal Heart

There aren't THAT many polishes anymore that leave me breathless, but this was one.  An insanely gorgeous pink and purple glitter, this is just mesmerisingly gorgeous - gothic and girly at the same time.

Emily de Molly - Where Boys Fear To Tread

And this was another gasp.  When EdM released holos, I ... there were no words.  Dazzlingly bendy, this is THE perfect pink (other than Lilypads), and I should know, because I bought about 7 hot pink holos this summer.   This is a true classic.

Layla Soft Touch - Neon Pink

An unusual choice perhaps, but I really love this matte pink.  It reminds me of my grandad who used to call unusual colours "sky blue pink".  It's pink, and there's just that hint of blue shimmer too.  This is a dream to apply and a joy to wear.

w7 - Fuchsia

Remember I said I chucked out the boring and brought in the roaring?  Well, no pink roared louder this year than this pink from w7.  Super cheap - £2 - super intense.  I wore this so many times this summer - the PERFECT fuchsia.

Now - tell me yours - which pinks stole your heart this year?

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