Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Crumpet's Polishes of the Year 2013 - Purple

Hi Goddesses

Today I've got my favourite purple polishes of the year for you.  It will come as no surprise that in these lists of favourite polishes, there are more purples than any other, but I don't actually feel this has been purple's best year.  OR I have just bought ALL the purples, and there is very little left for me!

My most favourite purples of the year aren't actually in this post, so, excluding my Big 4 brands, here are my Top 13 Purples (and Lilacs) of the Year.

(To go to the post, just click the polish name).

Above The Curve - Wisteria

Ah, dark decadence, bestill my heart.  This is witchily gorgeous and just about perfect.

Cadillacquer - Fireflies

It was one of my proudest moments of the year when Madeleine asked me to swatch a LE polish for her.  Unfortunately it coincided with the worst nail break of all time, and some creative photography was required!  A gorgeous polish, darkly intense and juicy, like blackberries, speckled with gold.  Entrancing.

Catrice - The Dark Knight

A polish as dark as night itself, but look how glossy and shimmery and ugh, it's like a vortex, sucking everything into itself until there is nothing left but the beauty of the polish.  Coldly magnificent.

Chirality - The Sinking Belle

This is the other LE I was honoured to swatch this year, and it couldn't have been more Crumpet-y perfect :)  A delicious mauve-based holo, this is as cuddly as a kitten.   I love soft, calming tones like this.  Beautiful.

Dollish Polish - Purple Rain

There were a lot of polishes like this in 2013 - speckled, freckled and fun.  This is a lovely confection, perfect for those days when you want a little magic, but can't be arsed to create some nail art!  Lol.

Femme Fatale - Fatal Attraction

Man this brand has driven me MAD this year.  Genius creativity but always out of stock!  Thankfully, they now have their own international website which makes obtaining them easier.   This is just beautiful - pink and purple collide in heavenly explosions on the nail.  Divine.

Jacava - Blueberry Muffin

Want to know a secret?  I think the Jacava bottle is one of my favourites.  I love its little dumpy shape, and the wand definitely makes for easier application - but sadly screws up your storage.  This lilac is sublime.  I couldn't get enough of it earlier in the year, and I know I will be returning to it LOTS in 2014.

Smitten Polish - Look To The Western Sky

Oh wowballs, this is everything a purple glitter SHOULD BE.  Isn't it disco-tastic?  I love the vibrancy, the colour collisions - ah, I love it all!

Too Fancy - Aphrodite

I debated whether this should go with the reds, but in the end I decided this was closer to blackcurrant than anything else, which makes it purple, yes?  This is just one of THE deepest darkest gorgeousest holos I own.  Buy it.

Zoya - Stevie

Another PixieDust, this time the lovely Stevie.  A lilac texture polish was my holy grail this summer, and I really feel only Zoya got the colour *exactly* right.  

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