Friday, 13 December 2013

Crumpet's Polishes of the Year 2013 - Red

Hi Goddesses

Today I've got my favourite red polishes of the year for you.  For a colour that is so one-dimensional, we've seen a great variety of new finishes and exciting combos.  So, excluding my Big 4 brands, here are my Top 7 Reds of the Year.

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Bondi - Strawberry Fields

Ah, Bondi.  Let's not even go there, but this not-red, not-pink, not-coral polish was a lovely Spring hit for me.

Emily de Molly - Ruby Slippers

In my book, there is NOTHING as good as a sexy red holo, and EdM (and Lilypad) both hit that ball right out of the park this year.  This is a nice deep red - not pinky and pretty - to give you the bloodied depth you need.

HITS - So Unique

This duochrome does things to me! A purple to ruby bend ?  Yikes, it doesn't get more Crumpet-y than that.  (At the time of writing, I own, but haven't yet worn, Crows Toes Indian Summer).

Mentality Nail Polish - Tempest

Now this is how to do a red!  Matte or glossy, this stunner is The Bomb!  Deep and darkly passionate, this is a red full of violence.  It literally glows, it's that hot.

Ninja Polish - Ambrosia

I love polishes on the red/orange cusp, and this tomato-hued stunner was divine.  Laden with gold shimmer, this just screams joy and happiness.

piCture pOlish - O'Hara

Another red holo, this is on the bright side of the spectrum.   Subtle as a brick, but just perfect.  A mani for one of those days when you need to put the world to rights.

Pretty Serious - Viscous Vampire

Oh lala.   Shimmery red gorgeousness sprinkled with pink glitters.  Ah, this is just sexiness on a stick!  Gorgeous, glorious and totally thrilling.

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