Thursday, 19 December 2013

Crumpet's Polishes of the Year 2013 - Teal

Hi Goddesses

Today I've got my final episode of Colours of The Year (before The Ultimate Top 10) and ..... are you sitting down .... it's teal!  Yes teal!!  Haha.  There are only 3, but still, that's a pretty big day for teal that it gets its own post.  Teal has really started to appeal to my witchier side, and some of the polishes this year have been fab.

(To go to the post, just click the polish name).

The Polish Bar - City of Lights

I only reviewed this a week or 2 ago, but it crashed its way onto the list due to the sheer depth of the colour.  This is a stunning polish in every way.  I could wear this every day and be quite happy. 

Cadillacquer - The Dark Defender

From her amazing Dexter Collection, the complexity of this polish blew me away.  It's not just the base, it's the shimmer, the speckles the ARGH overallness of it!  To die for ;)

Cadillacquer - Cute Poison

In a fit of shame, this and 7 other Cadillacquers I own hasn't yet made it to the blog, but wow this is seriously gorgeous.  Again, it's the combination that does it for me - the shimmer, the speckles, the tiny glitter. Just mesmerising.

And as I've only shown you 3, I will tease you that my favourite teal of the year isn't in this post, it was in one of the brand ones, and you'll find out about it again in The Ultimate Top 10.

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