Thursday, 12 December 2013

Digit-al Dozen DOES Red Gold and Green - Dotted Christmas Trees

Hi Goddesses

Today's DD mani combines a pattern - dots - and a little bit of nail art.

I've always loved dotted Christmas trees - they just look so graceful - and I picked about 5 green polishes to make my tree.

It's absolutely easy to do - you just start with the top dot, then do 2 underneath it, then 3 on the row under that.   I recommend leaving a little bit of "air" between your dots.  I used a small to medium sized dotting tool for this.

Now, THIS is where I should have taken a half way photo.  I decided to add some red baubles with my small dotting tool, and I think it just cluttered my design.  If you read the DD blog, one of our recent posts was called "A Dozen Mistakes Everyone Makes" and this was one of them lol.  So yes, take those photos at every step!

Finally, I went in and added a star to the top of my tree. Oh and on base is OPI My Vampire Is Buff.

So I liiiiiike, but don't love - I don't think the baubles look separate enough.  Oh well, I've got a year to perfect it!

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