Friday, 6 December 2013

Polishes of The Year 2013 - The Science!

Hi Goddesses

It's that exciting time of the year when all the bloggers start to countdown their favourite polishes - I LOVE IT!!

I thought I would just take 2 minutes to explain how I have gone about it this year, as I have made some tweaks and editorial decisions :)

Firstly, the list only includes polishes that have featured on this blog this year - so all of you who I have bought but who are huddled together on Mount Untried - er, sorry.

The polish had to be released this year.

This left me with a list of about 90!  Haha.  I'd already decided I was going to do separate posts on at least 2 polish brands.  I've now expanded that to 4, which brings the number down to .... 60.

I thought about doing mainstream v indie, but to be honest, most of those 60 are indies, so I've chosen to go by colour.  I also think, if in 3 months you want to refer back to my favourite polishes, colour is probably what will draw you back.

Phew!  So, when you're reading each post, please remember there will be 4 key brands missing - but don't worry, there will be a Grand Old Top 10 at the end.

Finally, some funny stats for you.  Of the original 90 -

* 4 brands featured 7 times or more (hence separate posts)
* most featured colour - purple - 24 - shocker!
* teal appears!!  for the first time EVERRRRR!
* most featured finish - holo, with 30.  Firstly, it's shocking I have 30 holos, but if 30 is just the best of this year, I must own shitloads!

So, let's go have some fun, and please please comment and let me know what your favourites were and we'll see if they make my list :)

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