Saturday, 14 December 2013

The 2013 Bucket List - Did It Work?

Hi Goddesses

Today I thought I'd look back at the Bucket List for this year to see how many of my goals were achieved.   To be perfectly honest, I don't think I've looked at it since I wrote it, (which is NOT how it should work), BUT, in my defence, I understood my goals really well.

So, let's see .......  (today's comments in blue!)

* the blog will look more professional, without losing it's fun tone.  I really want the manis and swatches and photos to be work that I am proud of, and at the moment, I can't say that about every single thing I post.
Well, I think this one was achieved.  The layout is now less cluttered, and it has a congruent theme.  Also, the photos are better - hallelujah!  The "not proud of everything I post" comment is interesting though - I'm still guilty of that, and maybe that's just part of my nature.  OR maybe there are other reasons - stay tuned for the 2014 Bucket List lol.

* less photos.
Yeh, I don't think I achieved this one - I dooooo love my photos.  I am learning to take fewer though, especially for swatches, but maybe this is one I will never achieve.

* there will continue to be lots of Indies on The Crumpet.  I'm a massive indie supporter.
Hell to the yeh!

* there will be a monthly reader challenge - only open to readers who don't have have a blog, or who have a blog of less than 50 readers
I started .... this is a sad one, and I know you miss it too.  This is one of those ideas that I am committed to, but the execution takes a LONG time, and when that happens, I lose interest.   I love introducing you to new bloggers, and I think I have found an easier way to do it going forward.

* there will be a monthly Small Blogger Award - blogs with less than 300 readers will get showcased
See above.

* tutorials - we're coming!  And I will combine this with 10 Basic Things
Wellllll, I did a couple lol.  Need to try harder here!

* the blog is going to have different programming this year, possibly by month.  At the moment, January is the new 31 Day Challenge, and February is Brit Month.  Beyond that, I have no plans, but I do work better with themes.  
Yeh, that didn't happen.

* there will be a little monthly round-up
There was, til I got bored with it.  Lol.  I still want to do this, so I need to find an easier format for 2014.

* to be "sponsored" by a British brand, and be an official blogger promoting British polishes.  It would be great to be recognised in that way as well as being able to give back, and promote British polishes around the world.
Hhhmmm.  Well, I am very proud to be a Barry M blogger, and working with them ticks this box, but as yet, no further domination of the Brit Scene!  I think we Brits are more reserved though, and don't go for as much hoopla and hype as US brands.  Maybe.

* to finish the year with over 3000 GFC followers and 2500 on Facebook
Lol - little did I know when I wrote this that Google would kill Google Reader lol - since then, no one's GFC numbers have really grown.  However, I end the year on 4000 Facebook fans, which is AMAZING!

* the Crumpet community will continue to share the love and grow via the various Facebook groups (badges are on the left)
Adventures In Stamping
Crumpets Nail Tarts
A Brit of Nail Polish
British Nail Bloggers
Ah, the community.  There are some great girls in all those groups, but I must admit, my participation has probably shrunk this year, just because I felt spread too thin.  Oh, and I closed Polish-o-Rama and opened 3 other groups instead lol.  Oops.

* and finally, to be really self-critical.  There's a new era coming on The Crumpet, and 2 of my best friends are going to be merciless in helping me improve.  It's going to be like Boot Camp lol.
Lol.  Well being self-critical is a weakness of mine so I don't know why I wanted to focus on it!  Ha ha.  For a time I did do this with some of my best buddies, but I'm really lucky that I'm in groups with a LOT of amazing bloggers who will either tell me when I've done a good job or have a quiet word when something wasn't up to scratch.  I treasure you all - thank you for helping me be my best self.

Thank you too to each and every one of you who has commented on the blog, or via Facebook, or clicked the heart on IG - feedback is so essential, and it's invaluable to know what you do and don't like.  Hopefully the new Intense Debate commenting system will allow more of you to comment and allow us to have more interaction.

So - what will the 2014 Bucket List bring ... well, maybe you'll find out verrrry soon :)

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