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Where Are They Now - My Top Polishes of 2012

Hi Goddesses

Sit back, put your smile on, and let's have a laugh.   Last year I was telling you these were the BEST polishes of the year .....  but have I actually worn them again ?????  Lol.  Let's start with the indies :)  (This year's comments in blue, last year's in black).

An orange holo you say ?  What's that, a PERFECT orange holo ??  Oh yes, oh yes.  This is an absolute belter.  Just wow in every way.  
2013 - Noooo, but only because Literary Lacquers released No More Fire Than Light and they are pretty much IDENTICAL.  But I haven't destashed it either.  It did appear in 2013 in a comparison post.

Ah I love this, it could have been made for me!  The only thing that stops me loving it more is that other than the obvious red, black, white, silver / grey, I get stuck on what to layer these red / black / silver glitterbombs over.  Maybe I just need to go mental !!
2013 - hmmmmm, no.  Could be cos I is glittered out!

I was so excited when I placed my first Rainbow Honey order, and in the end, this was the only one that really grabbed me (that I tried, there's er still some on Mount Vesuvius in the corner).   This is a fabulously deep and murky shade of orange, and it's the colour more than the glitter that wins me over.
2013 - no, although I do still love it.  I know it's there :)

Ninja Polish, as well as being a fab stockist, started making their own polishes this year, and this aquatic stunner was my favourite.   It's like diamonds in the Bahamas.
2013 - wow, was that REALLY last year??  No, not worn it, but no intentions of destashing it either.  Man I suck at this game!

There were almost more KBShimmers in this Top 10, and to be fair, I loved Don't Teal Anyone just as much.  So you get both photos, cos I'm good like that.
2013 - No.  Maybe it's cos I am in a bit of a KBShimmer strop cos she doesn't ship to the UK, and I'm too lazy to find out who does?  I should totally wear these again tho.

No, not Muy Caliente as many of you will have expected, but this, the perfect purple, red and black glitterbomb.  Truly breathtaking.   I wore this as my birthday mani.
2013 - erm, no?

The only indie to get 2 polishes in my Top 10, the Crows Toes Halloween collection was twisted and transcendent.  This orange and purple outrage was my garish favourite - I'm going to have a lot of fun with this in the summer.  Hot hot hot.
2013 - noooooo, but only because I couldn't think of another way to wear it.  I will though.  I still love it.

I can see me wearing this polish out.  Basically, this is Zoya Kelly, but better, and it's also pretty much the colour of Bluebelle :)   I was reluctant to buy more of her polishes as they were *just* cremes, but now I wish I'd bought them all.  Just look at that shimmer!
2013 - oh holy crapola, NO.  And I dooooo love this one A LOT.  Is it really a whole year?  Could we recheck that whole calendar thing?

I still remember seeing this for the first time and how it took my breath away.  This was going to be the winner til I realised another polish was NOT released last year lol.  Super bright, cheeky, cheerful, childish - wow, so playful, so wonderful.
2013 - Shit the bed - noooo, but it's still one of my very favourite polishes.  That has to count, right?

It's glitter, and it's squares !!!  Square glitter !!  I bought this polish in the Spring, but thought it was one of Dolly's older polishes.  I was delighted when she told me it had been released this year, because frankly, there's no polish that makes me happier.
2013 - and er ..... no.  Seriously, shoot me now.

Ok, now I'm nervous - let's look at last year's mainstream polishes (cross fingers, toes and girly bits).

10 - Zoya Megan

Cashmere dreamy and baby lamb perfect, this super soft lilac is just gorgeous.
2013 - really?  Did I really love this one?  Here comes the surprise: no.

9 - w7 Mosaic

The little brand that could, and whooped Nails Inc in the process, and at a fifth of the price - huzzah!
2013 - no, but I do still love it

8 - OPI - Germanicure / Oktoberfest

I still haven't posted my swatches of these, but oh they did delight me as they were a throwback to the epic OPI days of yore.  However in a Rotterdam / Herring replay, I don't understand why we have 2 almost identical polishes in the collection.  Maybe OPI are like us, and screamed "no, they're SIM-I-LAR!!!!" lol.
2013 - ooooh, ooooh so close!  As you'll know from my YouTube video, these are in the pile of polishes to be worn again this winter.  Ha!  Sorry?  No, not yet though ...

7 - Sation - Miss Emo Shuns All

Bizarre name, incredible polish.  Matched only by Barry M Indigo, this definitely has fazers on stun.
2013 - yes yes it got dabbed on in some nail art!  Hurrah.  And oh shit, I literally only just now got the pun in this polish's name.  There is no hope.  We should replace me, seriously ....

6 - HITS - Hula

From their flakie colleciton, this orange lovely lit up my life.  Pure and glorious.
2013 - well I'm going to say YES.  Sorry?  Yes that would be a total lie.

5 - Barry M Gelly Blackberry 

It's so hard to pick a favourite from this collection, but I know I am going to wear this baby out.  Deep, dark and succulent; a one coater; AND she stamps.  Nuff said.
2013 - jiggidy dance, jiggidy dance!  yes, use this one LOADS.  It's my go-to dark purple and it's just a total winner.  Yay, smug moment!!!

4 - KIKO 336 - Electric Blue

Screw Baker St, THIS is blue!!  Wow, I just love the intensity of this.  For me, it beats Baker St hands down, and it's half the price.  (photographed, but not yet cropped and watermarked!)
2013 - well Helloooooo Mr 2 in a row!   Kerching!   Again, I use this loads for nail art, and if I need a blue swatch base, this is usually the one I reach for.  Oh yeh, oh yeh.

3 - Zoya - Song

I had a hit and miss year with Zoya.  I tended to not like some of their stuff til waay after it was released, so I got ahead with their autumn collections and was really disappointed.  No way you can be disappointed with this though - a pure siren's song in blue.  Stellar.
2013 - Crap.  No.  But to be fair, it did get lost in the nail room for half the year, and obviously that's the half of the year when I would *so* have worn it.

2 - Jade - Vermelho Surreal

A red holo ?  A red holo ?  An awesome red holo ?  Yup.  The holy grail in a $7 bottle.  I have a back up.  Seriously - you should too.
2013 - nooooo.  But I think that's because (whispers so as not to offend said Jade polish) other better red holos have appeared.  Sorry.

Butter London - Disco Biscuit

Argh, I just love this polish.  It's sooo cheerful.  Wearing it makes me happy, though annoyingly, it does require undies.   The shimmer is also spectacular.  Oh I just feel so happy when I think of this polish, and isn't that what a polish should do ??  
2013 - are you ready for me to shock your socks off?   I have not worn this polish this year.  Lol.

And that, ladies, is the definition of polish addiction.  Keep buying so much new, you never have time to go back and treasure the old.  I'm glad that I haven't fallen out of love with any of them, as that shows I chose well and haven't lied to you lol, but maybe next year I am going to have to do a Golden Oldie Challenge or something, where only polishes older than a year can be used.

Ha - hope this gave you a tickle xx

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