Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Work Wear Wednesday - Literary Lacquers - 84 Charing Cross Road

Hi Goddesses

Today I have for you one of the polishes from the Literary Lacquers Community Collection which I was lucky enough to be sent for review.

This is such an extraordinary polish that I wanted to showcase it separately to the rest of the Collection - and I know how you all love your WWW feature :)

84 Charing Cross Road is a BUNDLE of contradictions.  It was created with Sheila from Pointless Cafe and it is a perfect blend of warm and cool colours.

It's described as a sepia holo, but for me it was paler than that.  Interestingly, it goes on totally differently to the bottle colour - by several shades.  Note to Amy, that colour that's in the bottle, that would look pretty as a polish too.

So, how does this look?  Well, as you're seeing, it's a warm holo, somewhere between beige and brown.  Not too pigmented.  Actually quite subtle, and that's what makes it hard to peg where it is on the colour chart.

What makes this polish extraordinary though is the amount of blue / violet shimmer in the polish - so you get the warm, golden tones of the polish, and then this icy blast of wondrousness on top.  It's quite the work of art.

I guarantee you won't have another polish like this in your collection.

You can buy Literary Lacquers HERE and follow on Facebook HERE.

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