Monday, 20 January 2014

CIRQUE Alchemy + UK Discount Code + UK Giveaway - Win A Bottle of Au!!

Hi Goddesses

Wow, that was a whopper of a title, wasn't it!!  Today's post is ridiculously awesome and comes in 3 parts -

* review of 4 polishes from the Alchemy Collection
* a discount code for Crumpet readers from Sally Magpies
* your chance (if you're in the UK) to win a bottle of the legendary Au by Cirque.

I was sent 4 polishes from the Alchemy Collection for review by their UK stockist, Sally Magpies.  Cirque is a brand that always looks so "rich" to me, but I haven't yet totally lost my soul to one of their polishes.    There's something a teeny bit aloof about them - as if they should be treasured rather than worn.  That said, they sure be pretty :)

First up is Magnum Opus, described as a purple charcoal holo.  Whilst this is definitely a holo, I wouldn't say there's that much purple in there.  Instead, it's like industrial smoke - there are plumes of purple, but the predominant colour is a dark grey.

This actually looked really nice on the nail.  The application was really smooth, and the bend had a soft and cold glow to it as the caught the light.

Arcane Fire is a ruby red speckled with gold shimmer and flecks.  Unlike a lot of similar polishes, this had a lot of opacity, and built quickly.

I love how this shimmers both gold AND red, making it doubly sparkly.   Although it might look like a classic festive polish, it's dark enough to be worn all year round.

Baptisia is described as a shimmery indigo, and is the polish I expected to like the most.  This is a violet toned purple, dark and electric in equal measures.

This polish is multi-tonal, and although not unique (I have a couple of other polishes which are very similar), this is a shade which always captivates me.

And so, Chainmail, my surprise favourite.  This is almost an industrial grey glitter (making it an excellent companion for Magnum Opus).

This is a gunmetal grey with flashes of silver and sparks of blue.   It does look *exactly* like chainmail, but the best bit is that it applies smooth.  Despite looking like it might be really rough, this was actually a pleasure to wear.

All of these polishes are available through various Cirque stockists.  If you're in the UK, that means the wonderful emporium that is Sally Magpies, and Sally has kindly shared a discount code which gives you 10% off ANY of the Cirque Alchemy polishes up to 23.59 GMT on Sunday 26th January.  Just quote CRUMPET.

And also, because she loves me, and because I'm awesome (geddit), Sally is also offering a bottle of Cirque Au to one lucky Crumpet reader.  You MUST live in the UK to win this Giveaway.

For those of you who may not know how special Au is, it's a gold leaf topper, and it's just spectacular.   Just enter via the Rafflecopter widget below - Good luck xx

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