Saturday, 4 January 2014

Crumpet Reviews - Smitten Polish - Love Actually - The Red Holos + 1 extra!

Hi Goddesses

I have a glorious, gorgeous, glorgious post for you today, brimful of red and reddish holo - it's very hard to get better than this!

I was sent Smitten Polish's Love Actually Collection for review, and I've split the review in 3.  Today we have the 3 red / brown holos PLUS I Never Drink ... Wine (so that you can compare them all), and then tomorrow you'll get the 2 shimmers and finally the oooh la la one - seriously, you don't want to miss those.

Let's get the show on the road with The First Lobster.   This is a bright red linear holo and when I say bright, what I actually mean to say is BRIGHT!

This is fabulous, pure happy in a bottle.  Noelie says this leans slightly orange on her - it doesn't on me, but it is at the very far end of the red spectrum, so just bear in mind that it's not a medium red.

On the accent finger is Love Actually Is All Around for contrast - this one is much more of warm bricky red.

Despite being darker, it's not cold.  There's a lot of warmth in this, and this is probably more suited for those wanting a "pure" red. (In this full mani, Lobster is the accent nail).

Again, the bend and the holo are fantastic, and really make a statement on the nails.

Next we have Just In Cases, again with LAIAA on the accent.  This is a lush browny red, very heavy on the brown, and utterly gorgeous.

In the bottle, I really didn't think I would like this one, but its success comes from hanging on to so much burgundy and warmth.

The bend here is SPECATCULAR.  Will you look how this one GLOWS?   There is gold in this here burgundy polish, making it very regal, very Victorian, very velvet - it's just soooo special.

So where does I Never Drink ... Wine, fit into all this.  Well, side by side, INDW and JIC look very similar.  On the nail, it's a whole other story.  In these photos we have - 

* index - I Never Drink .. Wine
* middle and pinkie - Just in Cases
* ring - Love Actually Is All Around

And as for I Never Drink .. Wine itself ?  Well, it's just gorgeous.  I know, I know, I am a pushover when it comes to these sorts of colours, but there's just a little bit of heaven in this one.  (Accent nail is Just In Cases).

This is a ruby red holo, more scattered than linear, but what makes it special is the occasional blue / violet flash trying to escape from the base.

This gives it a totally different lean to most red holos, which as you've seen above, tend to lean to the warm side.  This is a red that leans cold.  Ooooh lala I love this one.

You can buy all these extraordinary polishes in the Smitten Polish store here and follow on Facebook here.  INDW is my own, but the other polishes were provided for my honest review.

Join me tomorrow for part 2 and part 3 - you do NOT want to miss out xx

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