Monday, 6 January 2014

Crumpet Reviews - Smitten Polish Love Actually Collex, part 3 - To Me, You Are Perfect

Hi Goddesses

And welcome to the final of 3 posts looking at Smitten Polish's latest Collection, Love actually.

If you want to see the 3 red / brown holos PLUS I Never Drink .. Wine, please click HERE.

If you want to see the 2 amazing shimmer polishes, please click HERE.

Today I have To Me, You Are Perfect, which may just be the most amazing polish Noelie has ever created, however it was an utter PITA to photograph, so we have quite a story to explore!

Firstly, this polish is AMAZEBALLS with a side of ice cream.  Seriously, it's fabulous.  I layered it over Barry M Indigo, and was blown away with what I saw - micro glitter and flecking in an utterly epic rainbow of blue, purple, teal, fuchsia, magenta, pink - ALL AT ONCE.

And that's where my troubles started.  I saw paradise, my camera saw THIS - 

This was taken in my normal lighting set up.  Glitter blinding the light - this looks like a shiny blurple swatch.

So, I decamped to the bathroom, where the light is colder and weaker.  Although it captured more of the colour-shifting  spectacle of the polish -

- it also gave my hands a Simpsons makeover.  Not attractive.

At this point, I quit, and decided to go shopping.  It's Christmas Eve, I need a few last minute bits, and it's going to be HELL.  I get in the car and ..... GASP.  Somehow, the indirect natural light within the car is suggesting photographs of an epic magnitude may be possible.

I run inside to grab the camera, ignoring Beth who wants to know why I need to take a camera to Tesco.  I sit there, clicking, and not only does the light now show the glitter - It Shows It As It Changes Colour!

I feel like the man who discovered gold.  By now the car has been on the drive for 15 minutes, and Mark wants to know why I am not at Tesco.  Well tell me, could you stop taking photos of something as beautiful as this?  :)

You can buy all the extraordinary polishes in the Love Actually Collection in the Smitten Polish store here and follow on Facebook here.  This polish was provided for my honest review.

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