Sunday, 26 January 2014

Crumpet Reviews - SoFlaJo Just Love Her Collection

Hi Goddesses

A new brand here on The Crumpet today, but a brand that's been around for aaaaaages.  I've known Jody for a while through various FB groups, but was never captivated by her polishes because they weren't chock-ful of glitter.  Well, now I am sooo over glitter they are perfect for me, and I was delighted when she sent me her Valentines Collection for review.

We start with the pink - Pink If You Love Me.  This is a gentle pink holo that seems to carry a lot of violet flash.

It stamps too :)  which is a nice bonus.  This held the light beautifully.

No complaints on this one.  Personally, I am more drawn to obnoxious pinks these days, but this one is really lovely in its own understated way.

Goldstone is a chestnut brown polish, flecked with gold micro glitter.  There's also a little bit of brick red to this, making it a very warm polish.

I don't do browns, but I liked the composition of this one, and the gold takes it to another level.

And finally, Teal Me A Bedtime Story - argh, shaped glitter!  Ha ha.   This is a frosted, pale, semi-sheer sea-green-blue, laden with crescent moons and stars.

This is pretty much my idea of a non-Crumpet polish, yet again, it has a charm that made me like it.  Overall, it reminds me of Cinderella's dress in the Disney film - the polish is like chiffon, and it has a lovely fairylike effect on the nails.

So there you go.  I have a few more SoFlaJos to review later.  Overall I was really impressed with the quality, and for me, it's always a sign of a good brand when I can admire the polishes, even when they are not "me" polishes.

You can buy SoFlaJo here and follow on Facebook HERE.

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