Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Crumpet Reviews - Too Fancy Lacquer The Viola Trio

Hi Goddesses

Too Fancy Lacquer was one of my favourite new brands last year, and I am thrilled to have her latest Collection for review for you today.  

One of the things I really like is that she is releasing new collections in colours that work together.  The new Collection is called the Viola Trio and is 3 different shades of purple .... can you guess how this review is gonna end lol?

First things first - formula, brush, consistency, application - no issues at all.  In fact, for me, the product seems to be getting better with each release.  This post is also the first time I've tried to "jazz up" my swatch posts with some accent nail art - not sure what I think yet, so let me know!

Prima Donna is a silver-toned lilac holo which we have seen before.   It's more silvery than OPI DS Original (but a worthwhile dupe if you can't get your hands on that one), but way more linear than China Glaze's IDK.

This is just a classic polish - the colour makes it really versatile - and I'm also interested to see how it stamps :)  Momma could be having some fun!

The 2 bright colours of the collection go in different collections.  First we have the "cold" purple, Shrinking Violet, an utter stunner parked somewhere on that periwinkle-meets-purple line.

This is just gorgeous.  I love colours like this - they're bright, but not overpowering.  The holo in this is glorious too.

If you're not a purple lover, but you are a blue lover, I would suggest you give this one a try.  It seems to depend what's around it as to how purple it looks.  Beautiful.

And finally, A Currant Affair.  Love this.  This is the warmer of the 2 purples, but it still retains a fantastic arctic flash of blue here and there.

The colour on this is divine.  Purple-meets-magenta, this is deeply saturated, and just a joy to look at.

This "might" be my favourite of the 3 ... maybe :)

You can follow Too Fancy on Facebook HERE.  These polishes were sent for my honest review, and go on sale tomorrow, 9th Jan, at the following times - 
(11am CST, USA)
(7pm Central Europe Time)
(2am Hong Kong Time)

Click HERE to go to the Too Fancy Lacquer store - I also have my eye on This Love Is Smokin Hot ;)

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