Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Digit-al Dozen DOES Monochrome - Denim And Dots

Hi Goddesses

And welcome to Day 3 of DD Week.  Today's design is one of my favourites of the week.  It involves some good ole splodging, some failures, and ended up nothing like how it was supposed to!

I'm trying to use some Untried polishes in these here challenges, and for this one I pulled out Rimmel Stormy Skies, which is on base.  It's a fabulous creamy-gray-blue affair, and reminds me a lot of Sally Hansen CSM Gray By Gray.

The aim was to do some splodging, and then stamp over it, so I splodged with Barry M Retro Blue polish (a LE a couple of years ago) and Model's Own Beth's Blue.  As it looked super pale, I then splodged a bit more of the Rimmel back on top.

So, my goal was to do a doodle design in navy on top, but no matter what polish I tried, the stamp didn't want to work.  Then I wondered about a patchwork design, but I couldn't get enough contrast to my base (but if you look carefully, you can *just* about see it on my little finger).

All lucked out, I wondered what else I could do with navy - and yep, dots it was!  This uses Nella Milano Midnight Blue and pretty much my smallest dotting tool.

I actually really love how this turned out - the contrast of the dots to the splodging is just perfect, and the blues really combine together well.

Unfortunately .....

yeh, Baby Crumpet wasn't so sure.  I suspect it's cos it's blue and not 3-D pink with flashing disco lights .....

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