Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Digit-al Dozen DOES Monochrome - MoYou Stamping

Hi Goddesses

Have you entered the GINORMOUS Digit-al Dozen Giveaway yet?  If you have, you'll know that MoYou is one of the biggest sponsors, offering a bundle that includes 10 stamping plates of your choice - wow!

So today, as a thank you, I have a little homage to MoYou featuring the peacock feathers that are on Landscape 02.

The base is Nella Milano Midnight Blue, which is my new favourite navy, and the stamping is with Too Fancy Lacquer Midnight Sonata.

I love the blue on blue contrast here - 2 very opposite ends of the spectrum - navy v light blurple holo.  It's very effective.

I really like this peacock design - it's quite easy to get a good selection of feathers :)

So, we now need to have the Baby Crumpet verdict, and surprisingly, she was quite happy with these ...

Don't worry, she gets meaner as the week goes on!

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