Friday, 31 January 2014

Guest Post - Mina from Cubbiful

Hi Goddesses

Today I am delighted to welcome Mina from Cubbiful to the blog.  She is one of my bloggers to watch in 2014, and you can follow her on Facebook by clicking here.

Her manis always make me smile - they are colourful, and full of happy.  Here she comes :)

Hello all - I'm Mina, from Cubbiful.
First and foremost, can I just say... I'm guest posting for The Crumpet! Ahhhh :)

Those of you who've been with me for a while know how my 2013 ended in a great happy mood when I saw I was among The Crumpet's «Blogs to Watch in 2014» list.

So I guess I don't need telling you how I reacted when Debbie invited me to prepare a guest post for The Crumpet, right? 
(Still doing the happy dance - thank you so much)

What I love most about The Crumpet is how involved with the community Debbie is. 
Not only does she have a passion for anything Indie - such a great supporter of beautiful polish creators - she's also gotten the world to know so many talented bloggers  (I still remember how I got to know One Nail To Rule Them All thanks to you :)).

No surprise then that I wanted something special to rise up to the occasion.
And considering all my other guest posts had a floral theme and I didn't want to break tradition, that's what I went for :)

I think you might recognize my inspiration source - check it out:

You might have seen some manis inspired by the cherry tree flowers from this bottle - there's quite some - but the flowers I've always loved were the ones at the top of the bottle :)

I know it's not 100% on the spot but I put so much dedication to them, I can't help but love it to bits ;)

I started with two coats of Rimmel London Peppermint - my first minty polish and still the one closest to my heart :)

The slight shimmer you see is from the one coat I applied afterwards, using Kiko Turquoise Microglitter (298) - I wanted some sparkle to jazz it up :)

After it all dried, I took my acrylic paints and started mixing some colours to match those on the bottle.
I think I've somehow managed to do so, don't you?

I had to redo the flowers a second time and although they're not a faithful replica of one another, who said flowers had to be twins? ;)

One final look at the whole mani and enough with the photos!
Let me hear what you've got to say about this one ;)
You can find more of my happy colourful (and sometimes weird) creations over on Cubbiful.
You can also join Cubbiful's Facebook Page and if you're an Instagram addict (like I'm finding myself to be) here's Cubbiful's Instagram Profile.

Thank you all for letting me share this one and thank you, Debbie, most of all.
It was a pleasure and great fun to come up with this one - I hope you've liked it just as much :)

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *

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