Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year

Hi Goddesses

And Happy New Year!  I wish you all the very best for this year - I hope that whatever it is that you're seeking, you find the opportunity, the will, the luck or the sheer courage to go for it.  Go on, you deserve it!

We start this year with possibly the most elegant mani I have ever done, and I know Denise from Adventures In Stamping has been waiting for this for a looooooong time :)

The base is the epic and legendary OPI Parlez Vous OPI, a perfect smokey dark lilac that just always looks perfect.  It works really well with my skin tone too.

I then stamped using Too Fancy Lacquer Champagne Cocktail and MoYou Artist Collection 09.  The overall effect is exquisite.

One of the things I particularly love about this mani, is how the pattern is *just* thick enough to really capture the holo of Champagne Cocktail.  THEN CC soaks up a little bit of its base, and translates it into pinky gold in some lights - it's just utterly divine.

I absolutely love this mani.  The benchmark has been set.  Do NOT fall below this Crumpet, do NOT.  And if I do?  Call me on it! 

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