Thursday, 2 January 2014

Literary Lacquers - The Community Collection - Part 2

Hi Goddesses

Ok, are you ready?  This is another WHOPPER!  This is HALF The Community Collection - mainly the blues, and the green etc.  

As I think you know, these polishes were sent to me for my honest review.

If you want to see My Red Hair - click HERE for a separate post.

If you want to see 84 Charing Cross Road - click HERE for a separate post.

If you want to see the other reds and the lilac, click HERE for a separate post.

Let's start today with the green.   Amy has made a lot of stunning greens in the last year, and this is no exception.

Designed with Olivia of Morning Nailspiration, Shift of Fate is a glorious medium green holo with a strong gold shift.

As you can see, the bend on this is REALLY strong.  If you own any other LL green holos, this is probably the lightest of the 3.  There's also much more of a yellow lean to this green, making it fresh and perfect for spring.

Love You Forever may well be my favourite polish from the Collection.  This was created with Chrisdee Luna Michie.

This is a glorious turquoise holo - but delicate.  It's not too pigmented, or too opaque, making it a really light and fluffy confection to wear on your nails.

Of all the polishes, this was the one that really made me gasp when I put it on.

Camille Sepharial D'Artigo was made with Courtney from   It's a blurple base with silver and black holo glitters.  There's also a teal shift, although I didn't see this when I wore it.

However, as you will see, these swatches are not the best.  For me, this polish is everything I hate when I put a polish on - I hate micro glitters where you cannot obtain opacity.  As you'll see in a moment though, this looks GLORIOUS when worn with undies.

So why show you shitty photos?  Well, I wanted you to see what good DOESN'T look like.   My advice (which I foolishly ignored on this occasion), is to paint your thumb and only your thumb til you find out how the polish will build.  If I'd done that, I'd have quickly realised that commando was NOT the way to go with this polish.

You can see it now with undies on the index finger of this mani.  This time I used navy undies.   CSD is on the index, and Goodnight Moon is on the other fingers.

Again, Goodnight Moon is not my kind of polish - as you know, I detest shaped glitters - but this polish is nice, mainly because of the amount of stardust it contains.

This one was created with Tami of The Manicured Mermaid.

And finally Sidewalk's End, the palest shade in the Collection, and heart-stoppingly beautiful.  This would make a great Work Wear Wednesday polish.

This was designed with LA Salzy.  It's a baby soft grey holo with multi-coloured glass fleck, and I really REALLY loved it.  It's a perfect palate cleanser, as well as being a great neutral.

The holo in this was really strong, and I'd recommend this for any collection.

So there you go.   This is a Collection BRIMMING with colour and talent, and it really does have something for everybody.   Whatever your colour or finish preferences, you will find something here for you.

Personally, my top 3 are Love You Forever, Phenomenal Woman and ooooooh maybeeeeee Sidewalk's End.

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